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Walking Dead Best Moments Part 3

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I been trying to go to five videos in total. I put together a little clips of complex choices.

Sometimes it's not all about the shooting or gun power. It's about the people in you're group. I helped some like Ben in this one I might otherwise have left. I confessed to the group about my bite. I think it sets up nicely for two more videos on 4th and 5th

What's in video

Me saving ben-
-Saving Molly
- Getting two people go with me
- Picking what to do with Molly etc

Expect more when the 5th espoide rolls in.

Walking Dead best moments part 3

credit given to Tell Tale Games

Walking Dead best moments part 2. Don't be shy to view it. and Please click "Like" to support Tell Tale Games that I thought were really good. Got the heart racing and made you pick co
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