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How have save file glitches affected your experience?

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  • Had to replay from episode 2.
  • I've played through 4 twice and lost both saves. I'm fed up with it.
  • Well...if you had asked me 10 minutes ago, I could've said I had not been affected.

    I just tried to load episode five on 360, and I was greeted by the opening cutscene of episode one! I backed out to the main menu, and sure enough, my save file now indicates that I'm on episode one.

    I honestly don't know what to say...I'm so pissed off and upset. I was so psyched to finish up the series this morning before I go away for Thanksgiving. Now I'm faced with the prospect of waiting until next week to start over from the beginning (hoping along the way that I don't encounter this issue again).

    EDIT: It appears the crisis may be averted. Even though it appeared as though all of my choices were lost, I jumped into episode five and everything appears to still be in order. After I got through the opening of episode five, I exited back to the main menu, and the stats screens appear to now be showing my choices.

    Wow! That was a bigger than any scare I've experienced actually playing the game.
  • I haven't been affected but I feel bad for those who have and would be angered if it happened to me.
    I'm playing on a Windows PC via Steam and it hasn't happened for me. But of course it would be annoying to either have to replay it all or apply some manual work-around for THE core feature of such an episodic game.

    I don't know how TT deals with this, but maybe it would help if those who experience it post more info on what system they use in what configuration to find any similarities.
  • I think you need to add a new option -- I'd like 10 hours of my life back, and I'm very angered, but it hasn't quite "ruined the game for me." .
  • 30 minutes into episode five and bam game crashes and back to episode 1. Just gonna youtube episode 5 now because I made some specific choices that will be removed.
  • you don't have to worry guys. I installed the game as I had formatted the pc recently and then copy pasted my back up files I had before formatting and when I entered the game it showed to episode 5(GET) without any saves. Then I just re-copied the back-up and all the saves were there. The only issue I have now is the same that of episode 4. connection lost :S
  • I've experienced both my choices being randomised and losing my progress on the 360, both highly annoyed me but Telltale's near silence on the issue was perhaps the worst thing.

    Still episode 5 turned out to be very enjoyable.
  • I thought my save file was ok (I had to rescue it after the Xbox 360 controller bug), but something happened in episode 5 which made it clear not all my decisions imported correctly.

    I'm going to replay the whole thing, hopefully I'll end up with a save file fit to import into season 2.
  • ruined it for me. got the saved data corruption error, lost all my games. i now have no motivation to play, and i will not purchase season 2 until they confirm that this will NEVER happen again.
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