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Nooooo Leeee?!?!?! :(

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I "kinda" knew that Lee would die, but I really didn't want him to. When Clem was crying and begging him to not leave her I could've just died holding my controller in my hand. UGHHH!! I DIDN'T WANT LEE TO DIE!! Very disappointing...
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  • Yeah that part was EXTRA sad. Amazing acting by those two. I didn't want Lee to die, we been on that whole journey with him, and fought to the very end for Clementine. I never once thought of Lee as a bad guy even for the crime he committed. His love for Clem was major. I wish he could've made it to the countryside with Clem, and they started on their journey through Season 2 together. Oh well. GAME OF THE YEAR none the less!!!!!!! :))
  • @*Hero* You took the words right out of my mouth. I already voted The Walking Dead for GOTY day before yesterday.
  • Title kinda spoils it you might wanna change it. But yeah that last scene was just incredible. :(
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