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Did Kenny? (Ep.5)

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Does Kenny die when you don't save Ben at crawford? From what I'm hearing he dies either way. If that's the case how does Kenny go?
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  • you didn't see him die in mine, but I assume he died, how would he survive?
  • Christa jumps in a hole to get the walkie Lee dropped after Kenny accidentally pushed him. Christa couldn't make it out so Kenny jumped in, helped her up and disappeared into the darkness with a hell of a lot of walkers on his tail and then you just hear Kenny scream.

    What if you say to leave it?
  • SnoopdogRL wrote: »
    In the end tally it says that he died

    I don't recall it saying he died... It says "He was LOST to the herd trying to save Christa/Ben"

    It's not really clear in what context lost is being used... Lost from the group or lost by death. Every other character who has died mentions death, but not really for Kenny.

    I hope he's still alive
  • I have no hope...I believe he did died. Especially considering the groan you hear in the background of the zombies chowing down. You hear a person going uh uh uhh like they're dying slowly but not loudly...i think Kenny didnt make it.

    Uh uh uh? Zombies make a sound like that.
  • Although honestly,I find the way Kenny died trying to get Christa up kinda lame.While Ben's was great and dramatic,here I kinda fell Telltale was trying to force Kenny's death.They could've get Christa up.There were a bunch of wooden planks and stuff,they could've figured out something,but,alright. :)
  • Really? I thought the exact opposite. Kenny "sacrifices himself" for the kid that has a bar of steal in his stomach? So forced. Instead of shooting Ben and getting out he pushes Lee, lock the door and 2 seconds later kill Ben anyway. Thank god my first playthrough was killing Ben at Crawford...
  • I have a nagging feeling that, since Telltale played the 'you-don't-see-him-die' card in my play-through, we might see him in Season 2.
    I don't see Kenny being in season 2. Season 1 ended with Clementine in the country side moving away from the city. Lee made plans with both Clementine and Christa to go to the country side but made no plans with Kenny. Kenny was last seen in city and no arrangements were made for him to meet up in the country side before he died. I think the next season will be set in a different location from the city and like Lee Kenny will remain in Savannah. Telltale will probably want to establish new characters in season 2 instead of forcing unrealistic way for previous characters to coincidentally cross paths with Clementine. At least Clementine seeing Christa would be believable since Lee gave her advice on how to find them and could advise both Christa and Clementine to go to the country side.
  • Say if kenny did make it out of the walker filled ally way and walkers were coming from both sides and no man hole ( from view ) and no ladders/ escape route. There is no way he would survive on his own in that overrun city.

    in my mind anybody who manages to survive in that city and not been shown to escape is dead. Christa and omid are a special case for me because they're my 2 new faves ( Carley and katjaa were my original faves )

    Tyreese had a hammer. Kenny didnt have anything if he had a hammer and the will to go on he would have of made it.

    if you drop ben kenny goes in the building we dont know if there was a door or ladders there. His ' final words ' could be him pushing a door closed while walkers are trying to break it down and the door leads to stairs? Or maybe kenny just got eaten and went silently.

    If you dropped ben he should be alive in season 2?
    If you saved him he should be dead?

    Or the other way around? Karma? right now telltale are making kennys death debatable so they can use him in season 2.

    EDIT: sorry if it doesnt make much sense im just so tired i never sleep much.
  • some nice and nasty theories here :)
  • Kenny's probable deaths were a mixed bag, the one with Christa in the room is more legitimate heroism than for Ben, while the alternate with Ben is more of an excuse for suicide (which isn't necessarily worse, but very different).

    The drawback to the Christa one is you don't get that final through the fence conversation with him, although the one on the rooftops where he talks about his regrets is still good, but you don't get a goodbye.
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