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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead episode 5 and entire game REVIEW thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about the last episode and concluding thoughts about the Season right here.


(poll rates the whole game, not just episode 5)
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  • LauriNicole;753206 said:
    I'm not sure how many will agree with me, but I really felt betrayed by Kenny at the end of Episode 5.

    He really got on my nerves, but I still tried to be a good friend to him, because I have the decency to not mistreat someone simply because I'm not fond of them.
    I stood up for Duck to Larry at the pharmacy, I shot Duck for him, helped rescue Katjaa when *forgot his name* turned at the Motor Inn when she was trying to save him, agreed with him about leaving Lilly on the roadside, shot Fivel, etc, etc. But since I didn't help him smash Larry's head in or let Ben fall to his death, I was a horrible person who apparently wouldn't help him when he needed it and refused to help me find Clem.
    As a side note, I did notice that at the St. John's farm, he didn't help me fight off Danny (I think it was him) in the barn and watched me struggled. Lilly came to the rescue.
    And I still stood by him, apart from the two times I believed he was wrong. Two times I disagreed with him, and he couldn't trust me.

    That made me angry.
    I did so much for the guy, and he completely turned on me the one time I really asked for help.
    I believe he only cared about his family and his well-being. I didn't matter in the end. Sure, he'd take me out on his fancy old boat, but he couldn't dare put himself in danger for me. That'd be far too much.

    I'm not criticizing the game with this; not at all. I really think it was a great part of the game. It provoked emotion from me. I wouldn't enjoy a game where I sat not caring one way or another staring at the screen. That's beyond boring.
    I think not helping him with Larry in the meat locker is, in his eyes, the equivalent of you wanting to put his family in danger(due to a potential walker), which is probably why he puts so much emphasis on that one decision. At least he gives a calm response even if you tell him off at episode 4 in this way.
  • Good point, though I think if everyone had been quick enough Larry could have been taken out immediately if he reanimated by dropping the blocks on his head then, before he gets a chance to jump up.

    I think I'll side with him on my next play through and see if he offers to help me then.
  • Mother fukers :(
    No dead lee


    lee is the best
  • This game was one of my favorites of all time because I have never played a game that had me so emotionally invested before PERIOD. I gave it a 10. Long Live Clem!
  • LauriNicole;753453 said:
    Good point, though I think if everyone had been quick enough Larry could have been taken out immediately if he reanimated by dropping the blocks on his head then, before he gets a chance to jump up.

    I think I'll side with him on my next play through and see if he offers to help me then.
    I hate to bring the debate into this thread but I can't resist. Walkers tend to jump up when they reanimate like the cop in ep 1 or the teacher in ep 2. They probably wouldn't have had a chance to drop the salt licks before Larry at least bit Lilly, and maybe others.

    Sorry for being OT. I voted 10 because despite small faults, it's still an amazing unique game which shines like a gem in a big pile of poopy games.
  • So i sort of want to write a mini review.

    I thought the first episode was kind of weak. But things definitely picked up by Episode 2. Honestly, I think Episode 2 was my favorite because of the whole spooky atmosphere it gave throughout. Some of the tragedies that happened like Duck getting bitten, or Katya commiting began to take a toll on me emotionally. I think that's when I finally realized how dark telltale was striving to go, and I appreciated that.

    I enjoyed episode 3, but I felt the pacing was a bit off. Should have ended with Duck and Katya death, rather than showcasing it mid way. The pacing kind of became dull afterwards. Still enjoyed it regardless.

    Episode 4 I enjoyed. But I sort of felt it was the weakest next to 1. Only because it was kind of lacking that pacing that 3 and 2 had. To much, gathering in one place rather than constantly on the move. Still enjoyed it though, again the dark moments like burying the poor zombified child in the attic, or witnessing that Crawford camp. It made the game for me. Those dark, shitty momemnts.

    Episode 5 was short. But was really good in my opinion. The stranger being the guy who kidnapped Clem was sort of Meh to me. They could've used a better villian but I'll let it pass. The ending of course was horrible. I had Clem shoot didn't make me cry, but it made me numb. Just, ugh. Was really tolling on me.

    The game was great though. There were technical issues, and the production values were sort of lacking. I also thought besides a few good musical pieces, they could have done a better job on the OST and music in general in the game.

    Overall i'd give it an 8.5

    Great game. Accel by it's characters and the bonding of Clementine and Lee.
  • I finished The Walking Dead a few days ago. This was definitely the most thrilling and emotional gaming experience I've ever had. I haven't seen any game that makes use of the player choices that much and I really liked that there was no "wrong" or "right" answer you could choose. You could simply play the game the way you would react in the situation. The game always made me fell excited about what happens next.
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    OzzyUK Moderator
    I love games with a good story and this has one of the best that I have ever experienced, To have a game give me so many emotions is rare as I don't cry about much I will admit I got watery eyed at the end of episode 5 and felt sad for Kenny when Duck and Katjaa died and anger when Lilly shot Carley, When Clem saw her parents as walkers she looked so sad as the one last thing she had hope for was to find them and that was gone and all she had left was Lee and he was also becoming a walker. I hope in season 2 we see that she found Omid and Christa and we get to see them again :)
  • I rated this game an 8 simply because of the words next to it. Using my own scoring system this game would have got a 9/10. The reason it wasn't 10/10 is because it didn't have multiple endings based on choice and the inability to change the story much based on choice. I'm not bashing TT for it, just my idea of a perfect flawless game would be The Walking Dead with lots of story changing choices.

    I loved the camera work, examples of this are during the raiding of the abandoned car. If you choose not to steal from it, showing Clem holding Lee's hand. Another is when you are fighting the brother at the dairy farm and have to decide between killing him or leaving him. With your friends at one side and him at the other, felt like choosing my friends or revenge.
    I also loved how this game was able to give me a great deal of emotions and take me from one extreme (hope) to the other (desperation) within a matter of minutes. (during the escape from the motel and the break down of the group). The ending itself was golden. I have never played a game or watched a movie where I was so emotionally invested with the characters that I cried, but TT pulled it off with the bond between Lee and Clem. This game is one of my favourite games of all time, no other story has been so rich. The only problem is with replayability due to the already mentioned lack of changes based on choice. Its like a good book, you will want to read it again sometime in the future but reading it over and over again will just get old fast.
  • Throughout the whole credits, I was crying like a bloody baby. I was saying to myself "no, no no they won't end it like this. It'll be a happy ending." The sad music didn't help; I probably diluted my glass of pepsi to tear water.

    Sam & Max Season 3 made me cry at the end, but this is on a whole new level.

    TellTale, I will forgive you not making S&M Season 4 if you make Walking Dead Season 2. Kudos, and...

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