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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead episode 5 and entire game REVIEW thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about the last episode and concluding thoughts about the Season right here.


(poll rates the whole game, not just episode 5)
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  • It deserved GOTY but when comparing to the rest of Telltale's games...

    I loved the series and it was both moving and enjoyable but doesn't compare with Sam and Max, Strong Bad, Back to the future or Wallace and Gromit
  • count me among the greatest fans
  • 10 - because:
    the story amazed me, and what is more important to me:
    i was really close to the most characters, telltale sure has a talent for making good,
    rememberable and reasonable chars, just like bioware has.
    and also the game totally messed with my expectations and feelings, they
    didn't use those stereotypes like the first Z u see laying around jumps up,
    the secon neither but the 3rd one does and then it scares the shit
    into your pants, or even though you know at least since episode 3 there will
    be no happy ending you still believe in it, wish it badly and you get disappointed
    over and over again, deaths after deaths, this game plays around with your
    feelings and expectations and THAT makes it special, it was lagging a little,
    had a few bugs but seriously i don't care, if i see moments like the one
    at the side of the road, or in the rv with clem, or the meat locker or...
    the well done bad ending *manly tears bro, manly tears...*
    it is depressive, but "the walking dead" never intended to make you feel good,
    or at least not for long. BUT it also has its funny parts, it's hillarious well timed jokes, so that it doesn't feel toooo bad.
    and since the very ending is "open" for now you can think about things will go on
    yourself if TTG starts a new story (which i don't believe) that kinda would break my heart...
  • 10/10 The best and most interesting game I have ever played. I loved it so much I finished it 2 times and going on 3rd one. I hope that season 2 will be at least as good as season 1 if not even better!
  • Mmmmkay, I guess I am going to get killed now, but I really want to write this comment.

    I got first two episodes for free on PS3, and they were awesome. There might be no real choice, but an illusion of choice was nice, and the story was amazing. Well, that was the first two episodes.
    I guess TTG ran way over budget by then, because the game went downhill afterwards. The death of Carley/Doug was very dramatic, but unbelievable. And so pretty much was the rest of ep.3.
    Then comes episode 4, which was fun to some degree, but didn't have any drama element for me. Actually, I personally do not feel like ep.4 moved the story in any sense, it was there just like TTG needed 5 episodes.
    And episode 5 is... boring. No drama, no emotions, nothing. The most expected ending - Lee dies, Clem lives. Who would have thought this is gonna end this way? It's very short to boot. Clem's kidnapper is unbelievable as well. No quest elements (pick up and use an item). By that time, the feeling, the spirit I sensed in ep.1 was long lost.
    And then again, as it have been mentioned lot and lot of times out there - the game does not offer neither choice nor illusion of choice, it's just narative which allows your character to say different phrases at some point. All these claims how all our choices along the story will matter in episode 5 gone poof. The game just takes your input and discards it right away.
    Story-wise, for me the whole season 1 is lame. A killer sacrifices his life to protect the random little girl in zombie-apocalypse. That feels just like 3$-worth book sold on every street corner.
    The music is fine, though it is rarely noticeable.
    There were couple of glitches, including game freeze in ep.3, but they were minor, and didn't affect me much.
    So, despite awesome start, the game was very disappointing to me. I give it 4/10.
  • After playing episode 1, 2, and 3 I was sure Telltale games had finished off all its good stuff.... Boy was I wrong. They had a whole deck of cards up their sleeves. I will come right out and say... I cried like a baby as Clem and Lee talked for the last time in that one building. I burst out crying and continued to cry for another 10 minutes after I turned off the computer... This game involved me in such a personal level that every single decision or death impacted me strongly.

    I will totally play this game over and over again to see what other different outcomes I can get and see if I can save any more people. Telltale PLEASE bring us Season 2 pronto... the suspense just kills me. GOD... Lee why did u have to die... so sad......
  • Didn't like the ending too much, but it was still one of the greatest games I've ever played.
  • definitely the most moving video game i have ever played. I picked 10 of course.
  • Zombieface wrote: »
    Omg, I can't believe Lee died! I thought he was a surviver! So stupid the way he got bit too! Cause zombies are attracted to sound, so if Clem and her captor went by and dropped the walkie there that zombie would have heard them.. he would have been trying to follow Clem and her captor or trying to check out the sound coming from the walkie... unless he was dumb deaf and blind, but he sure jumped out pretty fast when I reached down to grab it! And I tried to tell dumby Lee to look under that damn board before I got that walkie but I still got bit D: I wish I could have told Lee to cut his hand off right away, instead of him waiting until the virus had obviously already spread... and why would they just leave those surgical supplies? That's dumb, they wouldn't leave supplies like that. There were more silly things I was going to point out, but I can't remember them all now. Besides the silly stuff, and besides being pissed that Ben didn't get a chance to really redeem himself before falling to his death, and being pissed that Kenny didn't just shoot Ben in the head with that last bullet and come with me to help save Clem, and besides being pissed and sad that Lee died, it was a good episode.

    I didn't leave anyone with the boat cause I didn't think anyone was gonna steal the damn thing! I thought it'd be better to have the whole group with me! And I figured it was Vernon and his group that took Clemmy! Boy was I wrong! Taking that food in episode 2 DID come back to bite us in the ass!

    I will definitely be playing this episode through again. I wonder what happens if I leave someone with the boat?

    I'm kinda really excited for season two now cause I know I raised Clem up good.. and now that I'm thinking about it's kinda really well done.. the whole first season is you raising up Clem, teaching her lessons and stuff, then season two will probably be played as Clem, using all the skills and lessons that Lee taught her in season one. That'd be really cool anyways!

    I feel so bad for Ben :( I wish I could have saved him.

    I really hope that was Christa and Omid walking out yonder at the very very end clip! I wonder what happens if I tell them to find us when they get down, or to meet us at the other place (I told them to meet us at the train).

    I shall play through again tonight!

    Even if you don't take the food you still get the same punishment from the stranger on the radio. Once I realised this I saw no reason not to take the food on my second play through. I will take the food all the time, now.

    Personally I didn't like the radio guy plot device. I think the game could have been just as good with out it. I didn't see it as a big twist. I was just like o.k. My conscience was clear since I didn't take the food in my first play through any way. I expected him to commend me for my restraint and morals, then he started talking shit about how I wasn't good enough to care for Clem when I took her to dangerous places. I thought, hang on isn't that the same as when he took his kid hunting and lost him in the woods. You were pretty much damned if you do and damned if you didn't in that sequence. I wasn't rewarded for my sacrifice of leaving the food.

    I didn't except how the guy on the radio was able to get to Savannah before us in the first place. The reason Lilly had to drive back the way we came when she stole the RV was because the route to Savannah was blocked by the train. The guy on the radio couldn't have set out to Savannah until after the train was moved, so he followed us and was some how able to beat us to Savannah with enough time to get to know the layout well enough to direct us from his radio when we did arrive. Even if he wasn't in the game Clem still could have left for the Marsh house in anger after Lee disappointed her when he said we couldn't look for her parents. Lee still could have got bit whilst searching for her and still could have died on his way to getting Clem to safety. I just don't see how the guy on the radio was able to go so long by himself without getting killed by the bandits or the walkers in Macon when he was siphoning gas and how he was able to get to Savannah by himself,so swiftly without any problems. In the ZA roads are blocked by other cars, which often mean having to get out and push cars out of the way or take alternate and longer routes. I've played the game countless times and the guy on the radio is the main issue I have with the game. I hope season 2 doesn't have stupid shit like that and focuses on survival.
  • 9/10

    Its not perfect. A couple of times it felt like my big choices didn't really matter, but overall i don't think I've ever played a game that has managed to draw me into its world and make me care like TWD.
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