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Episode 5 Disappointment (vent here) **SPOILERS**

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Firstly i would like to say great game and a fantastic concept. However the ending i would say is not so great. While it is very well made and certainly tugs at your heart strings, I didn't play the game and wait for the ending only to find out i die anyway... Now i know people may argue that you didn't see lee actually turn so maybe he will be ok, but the fact you left it this way is really a let down to the series. I was really looking forward to the last episode but in all honesty it just brought me down and i kinda wish i stopped playing at episode 4. :confused: There should be an alternative ending where you can at least live... Just my opinion.
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  • ElderBoss;727208 said:
    I had two main gripes with the final episode:

    1. The implausibility of Vernon taking the boat. It just doesn't make sense. Vernon's group was secure, stocked with food and medicine and no longer under the threat of Crawford. He understood Lee's plight, having lost his own daughter. WHY would Vernon dismiss all of this to risk Lee and Clem's lives, while at the same time leaving his safe haven for the risks presented by the boat? Far-fetched.

    2. Even if you do not agree with taking the food from the car at the end of episode two, the stranger STILL centres you out for revenge. Why would he do that? Why not Kenny, who was so eager to take the food from the car? Great that they tied this choice in with the bigger picture, but awful that it was an unavoidable tragedy.
    1. Because he saw the herd of walkers coming from the railroad?
  • BlankCanvasDJ;727109 said:
    For the journey, not the ending. Some of the greatest stories ever told have tragic, hopeless endings. Should Romeo and Juliet have lived happily ever after? Should Gatsby have won the love of his life? This was a hopeless story from the very beginning (if you didn't think so, you've never read or watched The Walking Dead) and the fact that Lee managed to find any redemption by the end is an accomplishment.

    It's not a game you win.
    "Gatsby" didn't end with Jay Gatsby falling in the pool dead. Romeo and Juliet didn't end with the knife plunge. Yes, it's a journey but what Episode 5 lacked in comparison to your examples and others is a destination. Episode 5 just slumps over and stops, as surely as Lee Everett.

    As I wrote before, what struck me so sourly about it is that this seemed less an artistic choice and more one in service of the franchise. But even as a purely artistic choice, it is one they got wrong. For the game to be complete, Clementine's narrative had to tie back into the one you had laid out with Lee - whether with Christa and Omid (as I did) or any of the other possibilities. It didn't. It concluded too soon and then that post-credits sequence might as well have been from another game.
  • Xebioz;727275 said:
    I still agree with him though that it's not well implemented. If you hadn't stolen stuff from him you should be able to reason with him or something. See, again a great point where they could have made your choices matter. Instead they just say "Meh, people will probably be just as happy with that guy sort of mentioning what we've done so far". Small things like this could change the plot and make you think that in atleast a small way, your decisions matter. But of course not.
    Citing what I wrote earlier, this is one place that I expect improvement on moving forward. I get that when they budgeted/wrote/executed this first series, the game was an uncertain risk. Now that it's a huge success, I expect them to deliver more fully on the possibilities that they laid out. I agree with you that choices like that ought to have mattered more and made a significant impact, but they didn't because the game was designed to streamline into certain endings. Next series and all moving forward should be more ambitious than this. They've got the money and the audience now to do that.
  • JabbaDaHuttX7;727287 said:
    Also I can't believe Rick (comics) survived longer than Lee. Lee would've totally kicked his ass.
    The problem is, Rick (at least later Rick) would have been just as likely to shoot Lee on sight.
  • The Ironic thing is, if Lee killed everything he can by choice, He killed ALOT more people than both tv series Rick and Comic Rick
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    fusedmass BANNED
    I'm kinda upset even if you hack off you're arm or leave it alone you still have same fate. Regardless.
  • JabbaDaHuttX7;727287 said:
    Also I can't believe Rick (comics) survived longer than Lee. Lee would've totally kicked his ass.
    I highly doubt that...
  • My biggest disappointment was that they showed Clems parents as Walkers, or showed them in general to be more clear.
  • I have to say, after hearing that the tentative release time for ep. 5 would be in December, I was worried that it might feel rushed with a November date. My fears were right, obviously. If you thought Lee had any chance of surviving, you're delusional at best. What kills me is that the ending felt so terribly rushed. There was no real epilogue - and a dialogue-less scene with two unidentified characters doesn't count, either.

    What's the point of saving Ben in episode 4 if he inevitably dies in 5? I was waiting for him to redeem himself ("I just want to help") and I had such strong confidence invested in him only for him to be snuffed out like a nobody. Towards the end I expected Kenny and Ben (or at least Kenny) to show up, Kenny having had pulled a Daryl and using his last round to make a walker "blanket" to spare his and Ben's life.

    Why include the option to amputate Lee's arm if it ultimately changes nothing? I went through with the arm chop, though disturbing, I felt it necessary to do so to see my final mission through. I'm surprised that Lilly and a few other characters didn't make a final appearance, as well.

    Campman was a pretty big disappointment as well. While his introduction teaches an extremely valuable lesson about "even the small things can come back around", he just didn't have a convincing leg to stand on in terms of being a believable antagonist. I honestly wasn't expecting a character of such irrelevance to be the "man behind the mask". All in all, great series, but it's very obvious the final episode had less of a cooking time than the other four. The synergy and emotional connections of the previous episodes were more or less nonexistent. Very disappointing.

    RIP Lee Everett.
  • Chuck's Guitar;727380 said:

    What's the point of saving Ben in episode 4 if he inevitably dies in 5? I was waiting for him to redeem himself ("I just want to help") and I had such strong confidence invested in him only for him to be snuffed out like a nobody.
    If(!) you're a fan of the Comics you gotta know thats just how The Walking Dead is, anything can happen to anyone at any given time. No matter how ridiculous it seems to some :o
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