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Who would you most like the two figures at the end to be?

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Any two people. Who would you most like Clem to meet?

Mine would probably be Rick and Carl... that'd make for an epic Season 2.

...or The Governor and Penny, that'd be even more interesting...
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  • A brand new protagonist. Hell, maybe even two brand new protagonists, giving us the choice of playing as either a male or a female for season 2. But definitely a new character that we haven't seen before. That, to me, would be the most interesting.
  • Husband and wife that just lost their kid in the city, and now find an orphan kid (Clem) and will do anything to keep her safe.
  • I would like them to be the ghosts of Lee and Carley using their supernatural power to haunt zombies and keep Clem save. Or better .. them being alive again.. but well :(

    The two persons are probably new characters for season two. I'm not sure, if it's possible to play them, but it makes sense. It could in fact be a man and a woman and the one you don't chose to play dies.
  • if they do make a season 2 I want there only to be nothing in common (other than gameplay and the ability to make me the most melancholy I have ever been) long and the short, I don’t know, I don’t want to know and I am fine with never know, knowing would only service to lessen the impact of this season and ep as a whole
  • Could be Michoone, but I think & hope that the 2 people are Christa & Omid.
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