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The Last Choice [SPOILERS!]

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Ok, so

I'm talking about the choice to prevent Lee from turning or not.

My choice in my first playthrough was to make Clem leave Lee behind, handcuffed.

- Secure option. Lee is handcuffed, couldn't make any harm unless someone went hugging him after reanimation.
- No point to waste a bullet. Resources are pretty scarce.
- No point to risk the noise, as Lee pointed it out.

Plus! I didn't want to make Clem to shoot people she (probably?) viewed as her family. Not when theres another option. No matter how smart and mature she is for her age. No matter how much I want her to grow up fast in the world gone to Z.

I was little surprised to notice that most people didn't pick the same option. Last I checked the ratio was 33-67. I'd like to hear why people did end up picking the option to kill Lee.

I'm not trying to provoke anybody or say your choice was wrong. Just want to hear why people pick... what they picked.

P.S. Damn cliffhangers.
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  • I didn't want Clem to have to deal with me after all that we had been through. I chose for her to leave me behind.
  • Brohan;727514 said:
    Unless you amputate the body part wich you got bit you won't turn, but for Lee it was too late.
    i didn't tell anybody Lee was bitten so i was wondering if i did at the beginning if he would still be alive, as you say you won't turn if you amputate so i didn't expect him to die :/
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    lurchibald BANNED
    GoFigure;727164 said:
    Yes, I can understand it would be a good lesson on growning up. Therapeutic euthanasia (two words I've never used in a row!). But at this point I can only repeat myself.

    1. reference case - Duck.
    2. reference case - walker attacking Molly
    3. reference case - The kidnapper/vengeful-station-wagon-guy

    So she has already mastered the art of shooting things to the head, people and walkers alike. No lessons there.

    I think, at least in Ducks case, she knows that sometimes you have to put loved ones down before they turn but only when it's absolutely necessary (hey, that's a lesson too! :o). I don't see much benefit in a practical lesson, not when theres risks and options.
    There is a huge difference between 'knowing' and 'doing'. Simply knowing that sometimes you may have to kill someone you care about doesn't necessarily prepare you to actually put that knowledge into practice, she'd be less likely to hesitate in the future. Just like surgeons, Would you prefer a surgeon that has both studied medicine in Uni and trained on cadavers/dummies or one that just studied in Uni with no practical experience?

    So the risk in not doing it now is that she may hesitate in the future and get bitten.
  • If it was you, would you rather have the last memories of a person, be as human, or being as an walker?.
  • I had her shoot.

    It's to give closure, and to make her stronger in the end. In the new world, it's all about being able to make tough decisions that you wouldnt be able to do when everything was normal.
  • Speaking of Which, what happened to Omid and Christie? And why was clem in a corn field?
  • Didn't make her shoot Lee , she didn't want to.
    He was handcuffed , so no point.He's gonna die anyway ,and he didn't seem to suffer .

    Besides , kids in The Walking Dead comic , always end up being little psycho...
    So I don't feel the need to tell her to be strong and off Lee , when she's in no danger.
    The less trigger she has to pull , the better.
  • Would you want to die, knowing that you (or at least your body) would roam around as a walker?
  • I had her kill me for all i know she would be alone forever she need to be able to pull trigger when needed. So i thought it would make her stronger honestly just to survive.
  • Once you're a walker , you are dead.
    The only thought that would bother me is killing people in the "afterlife".
    If you die chained to something , you won't be roaming the street looking for preys.
    So who cares?

    The only people that it could hurt is the people that loved you , seeing you as zombie is kind of a mockery of your old self.

    But if it's so important for Clem , she 'll come back in a few years and kill zombie Lee.(well what would be left of him)
    I really don't see the benefit for a child to kill a dying person , regrets are better than trauma ,IMHO.

    But again , that's just my way of seeing things.
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