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The Last Choice [SPOILERS!]

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Ok, so

I'm talking about the choice to prevent Lee from turning or not.

My choice in my first playthrough was to make Clem leave Lee behind, handcuffed.

- Secure option. Lee is handcuffed, couldn't make any harm unless someone went hugging him after reanimation.
- No point to waste a bullet. Resources are pretty scarce.
- No point to risk the noise, as Lee pointed it out.

Plus! I didn't want to make Clem to shoot people she (probably?) viewed as her family. Not when theres another option. No matter how smart and mature she is for her age. No matter how much I want her to grow up fast in the world gone to Z.

I was little surprised to notice that most people didn't pick the same option. Last I checked the ratio was 33-67. I'd like to hear why people did end up picking the option to kill Lee.

I'm not trying to provoke anybody or say your choice was wrong. Just want to hear why people pick... what they picked.

P.S. Damn cliffhangers.
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  • Would be crazy if Lee isn't infected (cause minus the arm) and he returns in season 3. And just passed out from blood loss and exhaustion.

    Basically Lee is having the "Rick moment"(From the Comics) where it looks like he was going to die.
  • I had Clem kill Lee.


    I felt it was the final lesson she NEEDED to learn. Her graduation, as it were. Lee was cuffed, but if she got close to someone else and they turned and she couldn't end them... bye bye Clem.

    Couldn't do that to her.
  • As Im sure people have already said, I thought about this too but a motif throughout the game (in every episode) is that becoming a walker is a fate worse than death. I know everything lee does is for clem, but Lee had to think about himself here and in fact for clementine. Clem couldnt handle seeing Lee become a walker. I
  • I asked to Clem to leave me there handcuffed.

    I couldn't force her to shoot Lee, I couldn't.

    To me this is the most emotive ending. I've cried like a baby. :(

    Thanks, Telltale, to let me choose my ending to this game and the last words for Clem.

    Game of the year.
  • Above all reasons, I couldn't let her turn back and go when she said she is not going to take it with the idea of Lee as a zombie. At first I was like you, I was thinking "It is too much for her", "don't do this to her" and "don't be such a coward" kinda things. But then, she cried and mentioned about her family, I really couldn't stand the idea that she will always know Lee TOO is rotting somewhere out there -probably she will blame herself because of this-, and I made my choice. It came by a heartbeat like the choice with Lee's arm.
    And it's life itself - sad but true when something has to be done, it has to be done.
    On single bullet, once and for all.
  • I can just imagine someone going up to zombie Lee and giving him a huge hug because hugging a zombie is the best way to forget all your troubles right? Anyway I let Clem shoot my Lee well I didn't want Clem to live with the guilt that she let Lee die and become and walker when she could have done something about it. I restrained Lee with the handcuffs just in case he reanimated while she was getting the keys. At the time I thought Lee would become a walker and eat Clem so I was not going to let that happen. I know that shooting Lee was a risk but she made it out and survived. I just hope she found Christa and Omid and is safe.
  • Two reasons:
    1. After sacrificing so much, after everything he went through, Lee deserved at least this much.
    2. If she could shoot Lee, she should be able to do anything.
  • I had Clem just leave Lee. People talking about teaching her a lesson, giving her strength, they have a good point. At the same time, though, her last sight of Lee is him dead against the radiator, resting. It's better than the memory of him with his brains blown out from a shot she made. The thought of him as a walker would only be in her imagination. Yeah, it would haunt her, but I thought the actual sight of Lee, in real life, with exploded head, would be worse.
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