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[Spoilers] Severely Depressed.

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This game has left me severely depressed. I haven't been this sad over a game in a long time. All though the characters and scenarios was fiction. I just couldn't help but feel and overall attachment to an imaginary girl named Clementine.

Watching the last scene with Clementine and Lee. I lost it! :(

But I still maintained a clear head and thought everything through. I told Christa and Omid I'd rather have them take care of Clementine if anything should have happened to Lee (which was inevitable).

I always had that planned ever since I met Christa. When she first saw me with Clementine. Her main concern always was about Clementine. I liked that. No one else really showed that much concern about her. Plus Omid made her laugh often.

At the end credits. We see Clementine alone in the countryside (Thats where I told her to go. Going to the cities was completely a terrible idea). Christa agreed firmly so I believe the two people she saw walking over the hills were Christa and Omid... At least I hope they were.

Anyways... how didthis game leave you feeling? :(

(P.S. I'm glad I didn't take stuff out that van. I never liked stealing. And the car was still running which made me think someone was still alive nearby.)
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  • I told Clem to head for the country too, so I hope that is Omid and Christa.

    As to the car it wasn't running. It was out of petrol (gas for you US folk) and was running the lights off the battery.

    I took the stuff because you don't leave your car like that if you intend to return to it. The situation the guy described in the Marsh House just didn't match with the scene I saw.
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