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Do you want to control Clementime in season 2?

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This is so we can get an idea if people want to continue with Clem or start fresh.

Personally, I think we should control clementine in season 2. Obviously the decisions won't be the same comsidering she is only 9, but maybe we could control clementine in some sections, omid in some, and christa in others?
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  • Nah. I want new characters.
  • I want Clem to be there of course. But I don't think we can get the same depth and seriousness that we got from Lee, as Clementine. New character would be fine with me. Wouldn't mind playing Christa or Omid, or having them there :P
  • No. In fact, I'd prefer if Clementine wasn't even in Season 2 - at least not for long. I don't want to play as Clementine and I don't want to play as Clementine's new "protector" and follow the same beats as Season 1. I don't want to have to compare everything the new character does to what Lee did. I'd rather start a whole new story with whole new people.
  • Playing as Clementine? No!
    Having Clementine as an character in Season 2? Of cause!

    In some way, she was the main character in this game. Besides of all that, I wanna know who these two people on the hill are. But, I do not wanna be her, at least not as as child.
  • What is there to control her? push X botton to hide and O to greet?
  • Nah, let's leave this group. I'm all for having another group in season 2, but I won't pout if we have to control Omid or Christa.
  • I'd like to play as Clementine. I definitely want her story to continue in the next season, and having another protagonist step in as a protector would feel too much like a pale imitation of Lee's story. Having her move from NPC to PC would also fit well with her journey over the game of learning to become more self-reliant.

    One downside is that, with her character already established, the game wouldn't be able to offer us the same sorts of moral choices. We already know that Clem's not going to be dropping anybody to their doom. Still, it could be done by making the choices ambiguous enough that there's not one obvious "idealist" answer, or by giving her choices like which potential guardian to trust.
  • I would like to control kid Clem and not adult Clem i think it would be interesting to see what happens next through her eyes she is perfectly capable of fending for herself and she is really mature for her age.
  • I wouldn't want to see her as anything more than a cameo in Season Two. Her story arc is complete, and I don't see any other character bonding with her as strongly as Lee did.
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