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Hardest Choice? (Pollo)

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For me, it definitely has to be whether to chop off Lee's arm or not. I chopped it off, almost letting the timer run out before I made a decision.

What has been the hardest choice for you in the entire game?
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  • I might have to think a bit for a better answer, but I remember off the top of my head that making Kenny shoot the walker in the attic in Ep. 4 took me a long time to decide on. I got the feeling that him not being able to shoot would be a problem later, thought it turns out I was wrong.
  • Hmmm

    I really hate Larry but it's the most hardest choice whether to kill him or not. In the end I and Kenny did kill him.
  • I'd go with the decision about Lee's arm.

    The logical choice seemed to be to chop off his arm, but...I just didn't think he'd be able to protect Clem with heavy blood loss and only one arm. I had to think about that one for a while.
  • From quick recollection; Possibly wether or not to kill the screaming girl in Macon.

    I didn't shoot her. I regret it but the game didn't offer me a lot of choices there. :/ Like it did offer much anywhere... hmph
  • ...I want multiple choices.
  • For me it was whether or not to kill larry. I wanted the asshole dead but not like that dragging his daughter off of him. I didnt have a hard time with the amputation at all. I kept my arm. I already knew it was too late and it wouldnt matter.
  • Weather to pull Ben up or not, was the hardest choice for me cause I had such mixed feelings about him. But it was a close one.
  • Stealing from the car. Although luls no matter what I did Campman would still hate me for it.
  • Doug or Carley because it was such an annoying thing! I liked them both and although I could see it coming, it was tough and I almost didn't pick either because I was stumped. Killing Larry was a close second because it was cruel but Larry really was an arse. 3rd is chopping off Lee's arm: I didn't do it but it was a hard decision none the less. By the way put spoilers in the title!:(
  • Leaving Lily behind. Really tough one. I loved Carley, but ultimately, I couldn't force myself to leave Lily behind. I figured it wasn't the right time or place. My plan was to deal with her the next morning (where I probably would have abandoned her). Whoops.
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