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Does Christa tell you she's pregnant?

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She didn't for me. Can she tell you? If so, how?
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  • george1120 wrote: »
    oh he knew all right. if you brought him in the train instead of christa, he will say "why me? can't you tell that she's-" before being cut off by christa pulling herself up.

    Agreed, he knows since the beginning - first lines you hear from them are "Don't you think we should tell them? Oh - look - they have a kid!" more or less
  • Trucydoll wrote: »
    Honestly I felt that the fact they DIDN'T have a point where they outright go "Crista, just so we're clear, you're pregnant, right?" was a really nice touch. All the signs were there and from what I've seen, most of the audience had figured it out ages ago. Having the in-game characters not figure it out (especially when they've had more time interacting with Crista than the audience has actually seen) would have made them seem strangely dense in comparison.

    I agree, it was obvious to everyone, but the fact that Christa never came out and talked about it made it seem like she either wanted to deny it or she just didn't want to talk about. So that's why it was weird that Lee would just toss it out there like that and she wouldn't say anything. I would expect a "Yeah, you're right" or "I guess it was obvious" or something. Anything but just silence.
  • She's pregnant. Omid knows. Everyone knows. There are several references about her being pregnant. "Walking for two" And such.
  • She's not pregnant shes harbouring a alien within her body... soon to rip out of her chest. It's really quite hearthbreaking.
  • O-O oh god, I thought 'walking for two' meant that she had two legs....

    Damn it :P well. That does it for being 14 hehe..
  • Christa's pregnant..? And it was "obvious"? Huh... If you guys say so :confused: :eek:
  • Also, people seem to forget about the video, and what the patient did to the doc, when she was all HI-YA on his kidney with that scalpel. And Christa said it was hard to watch.
  • i think its somekind of mix up because i never saw that scene either
  • There were enough signs to pick up on it.
  • DreadMagus wrote: »
    There were enough signs to pick up on it.

    could you please name the signs and what episode scene they occured, i hate that i missed it.
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