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Does Christa tell you she's pregnant?

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She didn't for me. Can she tell you? If so, how?
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  • Yeah, in my playthrough she never outright tells you she is pregnant. However, before the metal sign in Ch5, i asked her something like 'something to share?' and she averts it.

    And yes, there are many signs:

    When she first joins you, Omid says 'should we tell them..?' to which christa says no. Also, when the two of them are talking together by the gas truck, somthing is said like 'safety in numbers', or something that implys that they would be safer in a group

    as said, omid's comment of 'cant you see she's-' whilst on the train

    When the video is seen of the woman getting pregnant and the sonograph, she is very affected. She throws up at the thought of what the women went through.

    she's very maternal with clem. Sure, not a tell-tale sign, but i think it helps.

    During ch5, when kenny finds the wiskey, she contempates it for a bit before taking a big swig. Kennys eyes go from her face, to her belly and back again, and his eyes widen. This would suggest that he realises. I think this is why he helps her later.

    there are more little references but these are the main ones that i remember :)
  • zev_zev wrote: »
    Lee was told that she's pregnant, when they decide who will be the first climb on the signboard. He said "Omid has a wound leg, and you have a child in yourself" Or something like that.

    He said to Christa that she is walking for two.
  • DreadMagus wrote: »
    But her instant recognition of a sonogram, t
    i thougt this was just coincidence i sure almost everyone knows what a sonogram is except lee
  • It wasn't just the recognition. It was how she delivered the info.
  • It always bothered me that she was constantly demanding honesty from everyone else, yet she wouldn't let us know HER little secret.
  • Christa might have an undeveloped baby;
    and i'm not going to write a lecture of baby defects by alcohol or stuff
  • The puking (didn't she puke too when they dug up the dog? The only one in the group that does as well), Sonogram ID emphasis (the writers could of just had the doctor point it out), and the "walking for two" comment pretty much lays it out. Albeit, indirectly. Where there is smoke, there is fire though.
    But OP, there is zero direct dialogue that specifically confirms it.
  • If Kenny saves Christa and you ask her about it later, Lee can say:

    "You know why he went down there, right?" and "Kenny didn't die for "it's nothing". That taking place right before the walking for two comment is all you need, i think.
  • Lee saw the "Tell tale" signs. The sonogram, Christa being upset after they saw the video in the medical office, and she also threw up in the backyard of the mansion.
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