TWD: Ep 5 problem, No spoilers please.

I just finished ep 4 and wanted to play 5 right after. I hit play on the episode 5 main page and it takes me to the beginning of episode 1. Whats going on here? Im on the 360 btw.


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    We are looking into the issue of Episode 1 starting when loading your save. We hope to have a patch for this issue soon. In the meantime, you may be able to correct this by loading your save, and then selecting the last Episode you played (Episode 5) and then during the previously on, pause your game and return to the Main Menu. Load your save, and it should auto-scroll to Episode 5 and display 'Continue'. Continuing should return you to your last checkpoint. Alternatively, you should be able to access this checkpoint through the rewind menu, so please check this first by loading your save, scrolling to Episode 5 and selecting Rewind.
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    I can confirm that this issue is happening for me too. Unfortunately, the workaround steps did not work in my case. Upon loading the save, the screen defaults to "Episode 5" and has me choose play. Episode 1 starts to play. Pausing and going to the main menu and going back into my save does not show "Continue" or "Rewind" for Episode 5; instead, those options are stuck on "Episode 1: A New Day".

    I downloaded a 2 MB patch before trying this. I do not see a way of playing Episode 5.
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    Scratch that. After following the workaround steps, I just chose "Play" a second time. This loaded properly.
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