Collector's Edition Compendium Question

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I walked into a Gamestop today and saw an advertisement for the CE of Walking Dead for the PS3 and Xbox 360. This was a newer ad than the one I'd previously seen and there was one big difference which caught my attention. In the newer ad, the mock-up for the compendium showed a hardcover as opposed to the originally advertised softcover.

Has the product actually been upgraded to include a hardcover compendium? Or is Gamestop mistakingly using a mock-up for a hardcover edition that will NOT be in the Collector's Edition?

Cause, if there's been a switch to a hardcover edition, I'm going to go pre-order this thing ASAP.

On the other hand, if the compendium is staying as a softcover, then Gamestop's using the wrong image and they need to take those down ASAP.


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    Any chance you could get a picture of the new ad? Check the wording of it and see if the description still calls it a paperback.
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    Has anyone else seen or heard about this?
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    I highly doubt you'll get an "official" answer here - and other than a direct call to gamestop or something, I'm not sure how you'd find it out.
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    Yeah, it looks like we'll have to wait for either a review/unboxing of the CE, or more marketing materials.
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    It just tells us that it's a compendium. The hard Cover went out of print a while ago, and from what my understanding were numbered.

    So it's more than Likely the soft-cover.

    I work at a Gameshop.
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    Well, then it's a mistake then.

    I've since seen the ad he's talking about, and it has the hardcover in it.
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    Yeah I could see them messing up a simple marketing mark up. Oh well, no big deal. Thanks for the info guys.

    Wouldn't it have been AWESOME to get a hardcover though?
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    Hell yeah. :)
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    I'm sure they didn't have the actual book in front of them when they made the ad. They probably just photoshopped the cover image onto a stock image of a random book. Happens all the time.
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