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After Credits Scene

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What do you make of it? Everyone has the same after credit scene regardless of how the story played out (I told Christa and Omid to wait for clem by the train) So could the two people be christa and omid ? I hope so however it probably wont so TT can start with EVERYONE on the same page again for episode 2. Not to be that guy, but if that happened then what happened to christa and omid.

Anyway the main point of the thread is what do you think about the after credits scene. predictions. They both looked like guys from afar but then again im just speculating.
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  • Then why was Clementine still by the countryside, again?

    the same reason why she's at the country side no matter where you tell them go, great writing.
  • marcu5 wrote: »
    the same reason why she's at the country side no matter where you tell them go, great writing.

    Clem got lost :D
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    Svancara wrote: »
    Is this legit or just joking? As far as I've seen on youtube and the wiki's there was only one post-credit ending.

    He's joking. I did the exact same thing and got the same "Clem-Walking-In-The-Field" ending that everyone else did.

    Also, for whoever asked upthread about why if it was Omid and Crista, why not just show it?

    Silly, for suspense! It'd be too easy to show us she might get reunited with friends, and it's far more tense and a better cliffhanger to NOT show.

    Personally, I'm reasonably convinced it's them, just because as someone else mentioned, it was nigh-impossible to get them killed, and while this game is intensely depressing, I can't imagine they'd just throw Clem into the wild and not toss her a little happiness out of all the crap that just happened to her.

    But I'm a dreamer, too, so we'll see in Season 2. (Hopefully!)
  • For those saying tt doesnt know who it is yet, that has to be impossible. They announced season 2 before episode 3 YES THAT LONG AGO. They know how season 2 ends by now, or atleast they should
  • I told them to get a boat and wait north of town...too
    I watched it first time I played.I think they were Omid and Christa and the disappointed Clem watch them ay the End.I wanna continue the Second Season from that momen that Clem run to them.
  • Still confused why people would tell christa and omit to find a boat....didnt the group pretty much lose the last one in Savannah?
  • Savannah is like... REEEAAAAALLY big.
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    I reckon it is Christa and Omid however it is just a question if Clem will go to them
  • Then why was Clementine still by the countryside, again?

    You really expected her to spend the rest of her days standing at the walker-infested train? Omid and Christa, as well? They probably stayed there for a while, but it would be just plain ignorant to stand around in the open with walkers all abound waiting for each other forever. Sooner or later you'd have to think "hmm, it's been a very long time, they're probably dead or gone somewhere by now" or "there are 500 walkers shambling toward us, but i think we should wait for Clementine still". Not to mention there was a lack of weapons/food/water etc.

    Clementine could have arrived after they decided/were forced to leave the train and came to the same conclusion.

    Yes, it could have been explained better, but it can be explained.
  • kirby18 wrote: »
    Youre right! The other one is Carly. I can guarantee it!

    Lilly dragging zombified Carley with a bullet hole in the side of the face with a chain :p
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