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After Credits Scene

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What do you make of it? Everyone has the same after credit scene regardless of how the story played out (I told Christa and Omid to wait for clem by the train) So could the two people be christa and omid ? I hope so however it probably wont so TT can start with EVERYONE on the same page again for episode 2. Not to be that guy, but if that happened then what happened to christa and omid.

Anyway the main point of the thread is what do you think about the after credits scene. predictions. They both looked like guys from afar but then again im just speculating.
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  • I told them to get a boat and wait north of town...too
    I watched it first time I played.I think they were Omid and Christa and the disappointed Clem watch them ay the End.I wanna continue the Second Season from that momen that Clem run to them.
  • Still confused why people would tell christa and omit to find a boat....didnt the group pretty much lose the last one in Savannah?
  • Savannah is like... REEEAAAAALLY big.
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    I reckon it is Christa and Omid however it is just a question if Clem will go to them
  • Then why was Clementine still by the countryside, again?

    You really expected her to spend the rest of her days standing at the walker-infested train? Omid and Christa, as well? They probably stayed there for a while, but it would be just plain ignorant to stand around in the open with walkers all abound waiting for each other forever. Sooner or later you'd have to think "hmm, it's been a very long time, they're probably dead or gone somewhere by now" or "there are 500 walkers shambling toward us, but i think we should wait for Clementine still". Not to mention there was a lack of weapons/food/water etc.

    Clementine could have arrived after they decided/were forced to leave the train and came to the same conclusion.

    Yes, it could have been explained better, but it can be explained.
  • kirby18 wrote: »
    Youre right! The other one is Carly. I can guarantee it!

    Lilly dragging zombified Carley with a bullet hole in the side of the face with a chain :p
  • As much as I want it to be Christa and Omid, this IS the Walking Dead. I don't think it is them. I'm scared you're gonna find Clementine's body at some point during season 2. Although, I really hope I'm wrong about that.
  • First of all I would say hi everybody cause this is my first post :)

    As much as I want it to be Christa and Omid, this IS the Walking Dead. I don't think it is them. I'm scared you're gonna find Clementine's body at some point during season 2. Although, I really hope I'm wrong about that.

    I agree with you... this is TWD, so that means lots of things are going to end badly (sadly), however it doesn't mean that everything is going to end in that way... :rolleyes:

    I think that the conclusion to this game story is that no matter what you do to save yourself cause if your "fate" is to dead in certain moment of the story, then no matter what you did before, you will die in one or other way... I know that may sound a bit fustrating if you're thinking just in yourself...

    But if you think in a more global way, then it may change your point of view, cause you will realize that all of you actions (the good and the bad ones) will affect other people in a good or bad way... So during your live story I think you must choice the options that will make you live and die with a clear conscience with yourself and with the people that matters to you (like it happens in real life).

    As I said at the begining, this is TWD so things probably will get worse as they happen, however there's always a little hope and a chance for those who fight until the end... even if they die by their actions, those actions will help other ones to get an oportunity to continue living.

    To sum up, by the moment nobody can say for sure what really happens at the last ending scene. But if we think that most of the people (me included) chose to ask Christa, Omid and Clementine to meet together at countryside, then I think that is probably what actualy happened...

    And for those who said that this "happy ending" couldn't be just because Clem's face was a bit confused :confused:... well that can be easily explained because she couldn't recognize the couple at the hill due to distance, maybe when the tall (Chirsta) and short (Omid) figures get closer, then Clem's face will change into happy :)

    Anyway I think TT make a good choice with this kind of "open ending" to create some expectation and let people thinking on what may have happened until we see the next TWD game :rolleyes:

    PS. sorry for my english :P
  • Happy endings are never going to happen, I would not be surprised if all the new members die in Season 2. My guess is the shadows are the main characters of Season 2 even though I wish it was Christa and Omid.
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