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Your Choices for Episode 5 were...?(SPOILERS)

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Hi there people, I would like to know what were your choices for this AMAZING!! :) Episode (The Ones that appear in the stats)

PD: Sorry if my english is a little bad, my native language is Spanish :D
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  • Lopped off the Arm.
    Lost my temper with Kenny.
    Kept my weapons (give them up? lulwut?)
    Killed Campman
    Had Clem kill Lee.
  • Kept my arm, stayed cool with Kenny, gave up my weapons, ( I was being honest and wanted a civil talk ) Killed campman, Clem shot Lee.
  • 1. Agreed to chop the hand off (oh, hope, what would we do withput you?)
    2. Didn't atack Kenny (hell, i can't, i was in no position and actualy brought group to the risk)
    3. Gave my weapons away (he's got a gun, better to cooperate with him, hidden knife'd only made my situation worse)
    4. Let Clementine to shoot Campman (is it his last name or nickname? It all happened accidently, i dunno)
    5. Told Clem to save ammo and left Lee alone.

    Ask Lil' girl to shoot her daddy-substitute, after she discovered her parents are dead.... is kinda heavy :) + Lee chained and you should think rationaly - it's a spare bullet and no additional noise.
  • Agreed to chop the hand off
    Stayed cool with Kenny
    Put out everything I had on the table
    Had Clem kill Campman (Thought there was a way to let him live in mercy)
    Had Clem take out Lee
  • cut off the arm(was painful to watch but not as bad as James Franco in "127 Hours")
    yelled at Kenny
    gave up weapon
    missed the first shot on Campman and let Clem kill him
    had Clem shoot Lee(loved that scene, so emotional and dramatic)
  • Saved Arm
    Stayed cool with Kenny
    Kept weapons
    Killed Campman
    Clem didn't shoot lee.
  • Kept arm.
    Lost temper.
    Kept weapons.
    Clem killed Campman
    Kept Lee from turning.
  • -Kept my arm. I knew either way Lee was not coming back so I figured why not just keep it in tact. Plus Lee looked like a badass hacking away at zombies with a sharp weapon in each hand.

    -Stay calm with Kenny. Despite his imperfections I really liked the guy, and wanted him to move ahead as best he could.

    -Only gave up the radio.

    -Strangled the crap out of Campman. Now that I know Clem can shoot him, I'll do that next time.

    Had Clem shoot Lee. Keeping him handcuffed to the radiator and turning was NOT how I wanted her to leave Lee behind. He said he'd never let it happen to her, so i figured she wouldn't want it for Lee either.

    I have a question. At the very end it was showing me all my choices for each character and episode. With Kenny defending him and Duck in the store was greyed out and it aid I had him ignore Ducks fate (can't remember exactly) I KNOW for a fact I defended Kenny to the end with that, however I didn't tell him to kick Larry's ass. Is that why it happened? Also I tried to revive Larry and that choice was greyed out too. What gives?
  • About arm cutting,

    that scene made me laugh hard. Cause it seemed so out of place to me. They are trying not to let the dead in and much time passed, and every useful thing's gone and they out of time and from out of nowhere Christa asked Lee to cut his hand off. Lee agrees and DIY-surgery begins. And it begins realy fast – It's hilarious that Lee didn't finish the sentance yet, but the saw's already half throw his arm. And he swears, and she saws, zombies wait and i dunno, that's so absurd. :-P
  • Kept arm.
    Lost Temper with Kenny.
    Gave up my Cleaver and stuff :(
    Clem killed Campman.
    Continued on to kill me.
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