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The Ending and Ben...

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so Ben said that he would prove himself....he never did...which i feel is great cause its very realistic...or else it would have been too Hollywood if he had done something heroic there at the end. this is what telltale do really well they keep it real (lol) same thing with the boat that we never got on.

I did get teary-eyed at the end...its been a long road to get there i even cut off my own arm but it didnt help =(....

the only criticism i have is that no matter what you did in the entire game you still ended up biten on the floor with Clem infront of you ofcourse this is something i thought about hours after i completed the game there in the moment i was too emotional.

anyways its my GOTY and i want to thank telltale for an amazing game and story. thank you.
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