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Installed 1, thinks 2 and 3 also installed, says 4 and 5 coming soon

posted by Notsoswift on - Viewed by 184 users
I understand Windows 8 isn't supported. Guess I should have checked with Telltale before I upgraded. But I don't think that is relevant to my current issue(s)...

Even though I did a clean install of Windows 8, then installed and launched TWD Episode 1 and logged into my Telltale account when it asked, when I go to download the rest of the episodes, it says I already have episodes 2 and 3 installed and that 4 and 5 are "coming soon." Yes, I had 1, 2, and 3 installed on my Windows 7 installation, but I clean installed Windows 8 (not an upgrade) and I've only installed episode 1 since then. Why does it think I've also installed 2 and 3? And why are 4 and 5 still "coming soon"?

Oh, and if I tell it to launch the episode 2 it says I already have installed? Instant crash. This sounds like a license validation issue to me--not a Windows 8 issue. But what do I know.


After posting numerous problems, it appears they may all have been related to firewall rules. I use Norton 360. I went in and changed the firewall rule from "Auto" to "Allow". Suddenly, my license info was accepted and all of the episodes became available to me for download. In addition, I'm running this on Windows 8, which Telltale said they don't currently support. So I used "Troubleshoot compatibility" to have Windows 8 pretend to be XP SP3. I don't know if that helped or if it was all firewall, but everything seems to be working for me now.
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