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My Review for Episode 5

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We go back right into the action, and then I pass out. I wake up with Kenny holding a knife over my arm, telling me that he has to cut it off. I mean seriously, they got to the damn point. So I was like "Fuck it, just cut the thing off." Now I'll skip over to the backyard of the manor where Kenny freaks out at Ben, until Ben yells at him saying he never got to say bye to or protect his family. I smiled when I realized Kenny sort of forgave him. Now I'll skip to my least favorite part. The five were getting from the balcony to a rooftop. I feel like everything's fine for some reason. Then Kenny jumps up to the other side, and I scream "NO!" after the balcony tilts. Then the absolute worst series of events in the game happens.

Ben falls, and he says he's okay, and I know he's not. When he says his leg is hurt, I suspect he's crippled like Omid or Lee. Kenny removes the board, and my heart just stopped. There was a thick stick of wood piercing through his side for Christ's sake. Then walkers show up, and I realize someone's not going to make it. I said to just "Yank him off". I wasn't going to leave my favorite character behind! And then Kenny says he'll take care of it, but I want him to and at the same time I don't. I wanted him to because he's only cared about his family, but he has to restore his humanity (And Ben had to be put out of his misery). Then again I don't want him to kill Ben! Of course I yell "Hell no!" and he pushes me into a gate. He shot Ben. The one he hated most. But in that moment he became the hero, not me, because he took that single bullet and used it on Ben, not in cold blood, but for mercy. And I decided they were like father in son, in that Kenny forgave the boy and did what was best. And so the two I've always been fighting for were offed. I hated everything when I got back on that rooftop.

I decided to go across the sign first, because I didn't want the only others left to die. I dropped down when I realized there was nothing else to do. Then the ruthless zombie slaying started, but it wasn't like episode 4, when we all thought Lee was so badass. This was depressing me, it's hard to explain. Then I meet a simpleton with a gun who trapped an innocent girl. I tried to be civil, then he started insulting me, and I went out of my way to let that guy get smashed in the head with a bottle. I thought there was a way to give him mercy so I stopped choking him, but he was ruthless. Clementine shot him. Then when we had to cover ourselves in walker blood, I immediately thought of Guts, the episode of the TV show where Rick and Glenn drape themselves with guts, of course, and walk through the horde. And Clementine saw her parents, and I teared up.

The parents, the rain, the reprise of "Alive Inside", that was just horrible (Not in a bad way). Then the time came when Clem had to shoot me. Somehow I expected it, just like her shooting Campman, and Ben's sad death. Somehow I expected it all, but just told myself it wouldn't happen. I saw the stats, and how it showed all those people we met. I was so depressed. I didn;t want Kenny to die. I didn't want Ben to die. It was all over. Kenny's family, they took refuge with a couple strangers in an abandoned motel to stay safe. Their son's bite, and mother's suicide, affected the father forever until he respected nobody, until he gave it up in an alleyway. The Cauls, a girl and her dad who thought everything was going to be okay if they stuck together, but the dad's condition worsened to the point where a salt lick was smashed in his head. After that his daughter cracked and was abandoned on the side of a road. Doug, an odd genius that was saved in a pharmacy for the life of another. When he felt like he never helped at all, he sacrificed himself for another. Ben. A boy that found himself in all this madness. He made things bad, pretty bad, when eventually he wanted to kill himself. Some didn't let that happen, but in the end, he fell, and he was put out of his misery by the one that hated him most. Lee, a man that wanted to protect a little girl from a dangerous virus that swept over the world. He tried to help many, but when things got too bad, he was bitten, and he searched a city looking for the one he lost.

Overall, the episode the amazing. It could have been better though. Molly? Vernon? But I guess it doesn't really matter, since many things were put to an end. I just have one problem. The epilogue. I wished the two people were just Omid and Christa, and Omid would wave him arm up and say "Over here!" or something like that. But instead they give us a cliffhanger, and I'm not very fond of cliffhangers. I'm biased on the episode. Every worst possible thing happened, but the storyline was great. All I can say is, "Well, that happened."
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