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Not Again! TWD Ipad Mini

posted by MishArsenal on - last edited - Viewed by 373 users
Last week I had an issue with Law and Order, today, I can't download episode 5 of TWD on my ipad!

I played 1-4 previously, and when trying to download ep 5, it goes from 0.00% to 0% and then gets stuck at 2/3 % moving very slowly - I have a fast connection, so can't understand why

I restarted my iPad, did a hard reset, infact did everything but delete the app because I cannot lose my saved games!

Please help!
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  • Update:

    Now it goes all the way to 99%, but doesn't finish

    I've tried more than a dozen times now, and every single time it stops at 99

    I've had about enough!

    Tell Tale games support is a joke - I don't mean to be rude, but Matt just repeats the same instructions (restart, check if your logged in), and it's pretty obvious that this isn't working for many people here.

    I love the games they make, but the technical support leaves alot to be desired, and I'm pretty sick of the same canned replies.

    TTG, you can make great games, but if you leave customers who are loyal and dedicated in the lurch, it's gonna affect your business not mine.

    The last thing to do now is to delete the app and reinstall it, which I'm loathe to do, as I lose my save games and many hours of decisions.

    I don't want a refund, and I don't want the same canned replies - I want my issue to be resolved and I want to finish the game I fully paid for a month ago.

    Maybe i'm asking for too much
  • I know exactly how you feel :/
    Telltale needs to fix this problem FAST! I have an iPad three and I can't even get to the second episode because its stops at 99%
    Telltale, fix this problem now please!!!
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We are aware of this issue, and currently investigating a potential solution. Please try shutting down the game application and restarting the device. Wait a few minutes for the cache to clear before turning it back on. Also, make sure you are logged into the iTunes account that purchased the game before attempting the download again.
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