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The 2 people at the ending-scene are NOT christa&omid (Proof inside)

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Okay so everyone seems to think the 2 people walking in the distance are Christa and Omid. Clearly they are not.

Here is what the game shows you:


We see 2 silhouettes, one tall slim person and behind that person 1 smaller fat person. Now you might think the "fat" person might be Christa with her pregnant belly but if you paid any attention whatsoever you would notice that christa is far taller than Omid:


That's why the 2 people in the end can not be Christa and Omid.
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  • Martindn wrote: »
    Yeh it was. If it is Omid/Christa, would of liked to see clem safe with them, i hate cliffhangers.

    But Cliffhangers are part of what make an experience more intense. A ton of people played this game in installments and were bawling by the end cuz they had nearly a year to get attached to the characters. I got the game for a friend of mine yesterday and he barely felt anything because he played it in one sitting.

    Things like Cliffhangers are what help us get attached to characters. it's what gives us, the players, a sense of attachment, and in the end a deeper level of fulfillment.
  • I would still get the same attachment if i played all 5 games in one sitting, dont know about anyone else but if anything its lowered my attachment waiting so long for all 5. Especially all in one you would remember the finer details of the story. I can of course see the plus side of the wait, being able to replay the game and what not.

    I dont however get the idea that cliffhangers help to get attached, they are awful plot mechanics ESPECIALLY before a whole new series...i would not have expected that from telltale. Honestly wish i waited until the 5th episode to purchase it, but thats life.

    The cliffhanger would not have left such a bad taste however if the end itself was better, something like i mentioned of clem meeting up with a friendly face and "We gotta get out of here".
  • I don't think they're bad. A lot of people will probably get season two, thinking they /must/ know Clem is safe etc. If you know Clem has met up with someone who will take care of her and everything, I don't think it would be much of a cliffhanger.

    Like when people watch tv, or anything really.
  • Christa is the more adventurous and take-charge type, so it's possible that the front walking male figure is actually her, people may remember how nobody knew whether she was male or female initially.

    Omid is also a tad shorter and stockier.

    It was still a pretty disappointing teaser scene. I'd rather it just ended with her shooting Lee or leaving him. That way I could pretend they just met up at the train station without this lame attempt at suspense.

    I'm already going to buy season 2, TTG, you can drop the teasers.
  • Wasn't Christa the only person in the series walking with the head forward like that? I always thought that was kind of a trademark for her, so one more point for the shadows being them.
  • What if it is Clem's parents? You know, they look a lot like in the picture in episode 1.
  • Dan Balan wrote: »
    What if it is Clem's parents? You know, they look a lot like in the picture in episode 1.

    Its almost 100% accepted that her parents was the two walkers clementine freaked at on the walk out covered in guts.

    Would piss myself if its the ST John brothers. Both could have survived in my playthrough. But then it would not make sense for those that killed them.
  • LOL, the silhouette's doesn't have to resemble Chrissa and Omid's figures, they're just figures. The reason why I don't think it is them is because, according to 2 decisions which 'can' be made by you(Lee): 1: "Look for me at the bottom"(When they are separated after making their way across the sign in which it snaps. 2: When Lee is about to die, saying his goodbyes etc, you have the option to tell Clem: "Look for Chrissa and Omid" (These are the choices I've made and when I've watched the scene after credits, I was quite confused since Lee(you) specifically said to Clementine to stay near that area and lookout for Chrissa and Omid.)

    In addition, you've got to take positioning into consideration, you perceive that the person on the left is 'fat' is because when the person is walking they move their arms allowing the figure to be more wider. The opposite for the person on the right where arms are by his/her side. Now onto height, the person on the left appears to be shorter may be because he/she is standing further back making him/her shorter as they are treading on a hill.
  • Nah. It's obviously Mike and Sully looking for Boo. Sadly there aren't any closet doors anywhere near by.
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