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Shortest Episode by far?

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This time I checked when I started the Episode and even though I did not go alone at the start, thus had plenty of "timekillers" (dialogs) from the start, the game ended so quick. Hit the credits after pretty much after exactly 1.5 hours.
My other game where I went alone was barely above 1 hour.

Now, most other episodes usually took me 2-2.5 hours on my first playthrough.

I hope they don't keep making episodes that short in the future season.
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  • It is the shortest, but it is also the most dynamic. The animations for a lot of elements are different based on the status of Lee's arm, and a lot of the dialogue is different. Several scenes are different based on if Ben was alive in EP 4's conclusion or not.

    So yes, it IS short, but it does boast the most replay value. Furthermore, the shorter time DOES help the sense of urgency. you know?
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