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100% Pro Kenny save, Clem does what I did not expect

posted by Yertos on - last edited - Viewed by 282 users
So on my first main save I strangled Campman to death because I was not sure if he was fully dead or not. Well on my full Pro Kenny save where I always pick the choice that pleases him the most, Clem straight up shot Campman during the struggle, I didn't even get the chance to grab hold of his neck. I'm really surprised the way this last scene can end out, maybe it depends on the arm, cause when Lee strangled him to death then shot him he was one handed, but when Lee had both hands Campman got on top of Lee about to kill him but Clem shot him right in the head.

If it helps I told her to never be afraid at the train station, Lee mentions her not being afraid after it happens so this might be the choice that gets this also.
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