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Solved the black screen issue in TWD! (But caused another problem...)

posted by Tazo on - last edited - Viewed by 324 users
I found the prefs.prop file, opened it and deleted everything inside it, saved it, and opened the game. At first it came up with an error message and asked if I wanted to try loading it again, I did and the game started up properly (for the first time in months). Although now I'm not getting any audio. I even closed the games (after adjusting screen settings) and then deleted the prefs.prop file entirely, when I reloaded the game, it remembered my screen settings and still had no audio, and had created another prefs.prop file (presumably it stores the preferences in another location too, but if the original exists then it overwrites the hidden preferences).

Can anyone help me get my audio back, or provide me with a clean prefs.prop file for a MacBook Pro?
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  • Is there anywhere to download a fresh prefs.prop file anywhere, or does someone with a MacBook Pro have one they could email me?
  • I solved both problems now, I installed the game on another user profile on my MacBook Pro and have saved a new copy of the prefs.prop. So if anyone else is having black screen/audio problems, send me a message and I'll send you my clean prefs.prop file for you to use.
  • Nice to know. Tks for the feedback.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    The prefs file is generated when you start the game. If you've deleted this file but your settings are remembered, then there's more than likely another prefs file somewhere on your computer that is being used instead. You can do a search for prefs.prop to try to locate this file. It may be in a Gamedata folder adjacent to your Walking Dead save directory, or it could be in your game's install folder.
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