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is it just me? [SPOILER]

posted by Haggis_McMutton on - last edited - Viewed by 216 users
I've just finished the game... great game... A tear almost managed to escape from my eye at the end... but I have a question, maybe useless, but I want to be sure... At the end, Lee tells Clementine to go looking for Omid and Christa... but at the ending cutscene (the one after the credits) she just wanders around in the countryside and sees someone in the distance... So, did I miss a scene or does Clem totally ignore Lee's advice?

EDIT: I made Lee say to Omid and Christa to meet him by the train, and then told Clementine to go there searching for them.
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  • I assumed she was headed to where Lee told her to go and was just crossing through the open countryside because there were less walkers and places where they could be concealed.
  • hmmm... yeah, that makes sense... but what I was trying to know is if there is a cutscene before the credits, because... well... it ended pretty roughly... sorry if I "walked" around the question so much :P
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