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Ep5 Ending: You guys made me cry! I hate you (No, actually I love you!!)

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Telltale, you guys are great! I feel like such a wuss now but I freaking cried my life out at the ending of episode 5... It's been a while since I felt such strong emotions toward virtual characters... Every death had an impact, this is great story telling! I can't be the only one, come one guys, who cried?

And I have to say felt like crap when I saw that Clem was all alone in the epilogue which had me thinking I didn't make the right calls throughout the game but as I read around the forums a bit, I realized that everybody has the same epilogue... I might be wrong though, I did see someone talk about a train ending, anyone can confirm that?

That would be my only minor gripe with this game, I felt like I had such an impact on everything but the epilogue. I told Omid and Christa that they should take Clem and I told them to meet us North and to find a boat and also told Clem to meet them but I find out she's stuck on her own... Man! There's a good chance they're the silhouette she spots at the end though... Still I would've liked to see how my choices have affected Clementine's future decisions in the epilogue but I guess there is also a good chance that we'll see more of that in season 2.

Anyway, I'm probably not the only one but season 2 is an instant buy for me!
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  • Oh I definetly cried. I had to pause the game in the jewelry store to wipe away tears. Great game and I hope other developers feel they have been put on notice in terms of storytelling and character development.

    The epilouge worked for me because I had pointed everyone towards the countryside. It would have been nice if there had been a different endings for the epilouge but the Walking Dead has never been nice.
  • I cried too. You are not alone my friend. People should not be ashamed of being moved to tears. It just means that you are not dead inside.
  • The game story developers much have had a much harder time digging into their imaginations and writing this scene with such passion =]... No homo
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    Cried too. Same epilogue, curious to watch scenes on youtube of differing choices.
  • I was baulling at the end.
    I had the same epilogue, but throughout the whole thing i though rick or someone from the group was going to put there hand on her shoulder and say "your safe". Obviously wrong tho lol. Very emotional ending
  • I didn't cry ( OH NO YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD), but my eyes got teary, and I had shivers through the whole episode, especially at the ending.

    Telltale, you can already consider Season 2 to be bought by me.
  • I didn't want to but I had to. The good bye scene with Lee tellig her the last things she'll ever hear from him just to get her to be safe...Lee nearly dying and then the final big choice and their last words. Genius TTG!
  • Cried too .. :l It was .. hard all of it but we made it...

    Bring on season 2 eh?
  • Man.. I was so close, my eyes got all moist. Especially during the credits, where you got to see everything you did over the past games, and the song.. it hit me right in the feelings!
  • Cried during the ending,during the credits and the song,during the post-ending scene,after the game....

    My eyes became red.I was sure it will be an emotional ending but not like this.I didn't cry this much to any movie,tv-show or a video game scene until this..

    Great work TellTale...Thanks for making me feel like I lived in a ZA..Definitely buying the Season 2 and I have no doubt it will be as good as this season...
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