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The Cleaver in the kitchen

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I was pretty sure I searched the kitchen when we first entered the house. There was nothing but dog food. And even Molly searched the kitchen and she was a somewhat professional looter.

then suddenly a cleaver spawns in the drawer... anyone also annoyed but mistakes like that?
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  • Wait for it...

    Video games.
  • MetalHead0;730417 said:
    Wait for it...

    Video games.
    DAE know that logic does not imply in videogames?
  • Christoaster;730420 said:
    DAE know that logic does not imply in videogames?

    Everyone knows that, we just have nothing better to do than pick at little errors.
  • Christoaster;730420 said:
    DAE know that logic does not imply in videogames?
    Of course it does.Its perfectly normal for Lee to put everything possible in his pocket!Its just magical! :D
  • lol also giving them the option to look for weapons when they had already searched as you mentioned, plus they already had guns. To make it look dumber, none of those choices mattered as they all ended up helping Omid.
  • well there are so many many mistakes and the most obvious small ones like this just annoy me.. dunno.
    another example is when Lee goes into the hotel. He goes through the door, talks with the guy and then asks Clem which way to get out >.<
  • Pretty sure if you leave the cleaver on the table, when Lee leaves after cutting up the zombie, there's a cleaver on the table again. They should have grabbed the spawning cleavers
  • Well, what would you do if you had found that cleaver while you were searching the house at episode 4? You had weapons in that scene and you were mostly looking for food for the group or medical supplies for Omid. You weren't looking for weapons, if you were , you would keep that shovel as a weapon. So yeah, I think it makes sense still.

    In every game, while you're interacting with your surroundings, it'd only let you if it's important at least in one way. If it was the way you said, then it has to be eye icon on every item in the game and Lee has to have a comment for everything you see in the picture. That's just absurd.
  • "Pointy."
    Eye icons too good.
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