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Walking Dead gets slower while saving

posted by Hamatula on - last edited - Viewed by 782 users
I'm a ps3 player from Europe. First two episodes my game was fine, after those weird problems which everyone had with episode 3, my game gets slower at every saving points. Especially if it's an action scene, it's extreamly annoying, I can barely move or do anything. Sounds going and coming back, sometimes it repeats itself as if frozen or something.

Would deleting the game and reinstalling it help or not? Is there any possible ways to keep my saves and reinstall the game? Please help me.
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  • Nobody having this problem but me? :(
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    When you remove the game content and then reinstall it, your saves should remain intact as they are a separate file. If you have PS+, you can upload your saves to the Cloud, just to make sure.

    Please check to see how much hard drive space you have available, as your game should not be slowing down, but this can occur if you are running out of room on your hard drive.
  • I will try to delete some unneceserry stuff on my hard disc as soon as I go home, thank you.
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