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Collector's DVD

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I was wondering if telltale will release a collector's DVD of the walking dead like they have with other games?
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    Me too. And to see the soundtrack in the store would be nice.
  • Saw that game stop has one where u get the big comic book with it, but nothing else. I want the delux love telltale gives :)
  • Who knows. I sure hope so, but I'm guessing no, unfortunately.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    The last official post from a Telltale staff member was that they had no plans for a disk release for season subscribers on their website. And with the season long over now, it would seem that the Gamestop release is the only special edition bundle that will be available.
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    I've been a dutiful TTG supporter since before the breakout success of TWD and preordered TWD knowing full well Telltale wouldn't let us down. I too am hoping to get a Collectors DVD to put up on my shelf. Any official word from telltale on the matter?

    Thank you
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Here's the quote in question from a Telltale staff member (at the time) that stated there's no plans for a collector's DVD from Telltale's store:
    Mike;595399 said:
    [QUOTE=sebarnolds;595354]Also, with the release date approaching, any news about the DVD release ?

    I must admit it was a big incentive for buying games directly from the TTG store.
    Sorry, but there's no plans for a DVD release at the moment.[/quote]
  • Didn't someone from Telltale mention plans to release an official soundtrack? Cause I'd buy that in a second, youtubing around for some scores doesn't cut it and would be sweet to add to my TWD collection.
  • I guess I understand with the success of TWD, they don't want to be producing $5 shipping cost only DVDs. Still, one of the few reasons I pre-order from the TTG store is to get a shiny copy I can proudly display on my shelf. Knowing that successful games probably won't get those in the future is enough to send me to Steam. I know that costs TTG a cut, but at least I have it in a unified gaming system.

    There is no way I'm going to shell out $70 for the Gamestop Collector's Edition, especially since I already spent $25 to preorder the whole season.

    I understand it's a business decision, but I have to say I expected more from TTG based on how they've treated their fans in the past. The risk of sending more people to Steam or other online stores in lieu of TTGs website will cost you guys a percentage cut on every sale. Loyalty to your fans will take you just as far as having a great 1st season of a new episodic series, I promise you.
  • Wow, I hope Telltale changes their mind and continues to produce PC DVD's of full seasons for people who buy the game directly from them. To be honest it's the only reason I bought TWD from them, otherwise I would have just waited and bought it at a huge discount through some third party site. Common Telltale how about a DVD release? Every game I've bought from you I've also gotten the DVD and I highly prefer the physical media.

  • I think Telltale's license may have had something to do with this. From what I understand, they were only allowed to produce the game itself, not any merchandise.
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