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sam max 101exe has stopped working

posted by poluto on - last edited - Viewed by 3.7K users
I just bought sam & max 1-6.One did work but now all of them give me this message w/option close program or search web.On vista.Tried hotfixes for nvidea too.The detail says APPCRASH. Also updated drivers.

amd athelon 1.5
1024mb ram
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  • too add i downloaded the games through steam tried there game cache fix and also reinstalling the games
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    Will BANNED
    Hmm, not sure what would cause the game to stop working within Steam. Have you tried updating your DirectX?
  • In Control Panel, Select System...

    Then under I believe Performance (I don't have a Vista box handy at the office.) there is a tab called Date Execution Protection. Add the Sam and Max Episode Executable to the exclusion list then try running it. Worked for me. I have had to do this for a few games on Vista.

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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    That's worth a try (but I think it's Data Execution Protection, or DEP). That resolved problems for some Vista users with our download versions -- the problem they were having was due to the activation software we use, so it wouldn't be a factor in Steam's versions, but it's still worth trying. Let us know if it works.
  • does any one know where this dap tab is in vistas control panel. As for updating direct x i tried and i keep getting an error message
  • i managed to update direct x . didnt work i still cant find the dep tab in vistas control panel does anyone have any ideas
  • ok i found this dep tab i downloaded these games from steam so i cant access the actual exe file
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    Will BANNED
    Yeah, I'm afraid I don't know their system well enough. I would suggest you contact Steam's customer support, as it possibly a problem with their DRM.

    Edit! So I just noticed that Emily forwarded your PM to me. I'm not 100% sure about (and would happily be proven wrong by other forum goers out there), but I think on Vista you can have DX10 installed even if your card doesn't support it. DX will just throttle itself down to be usable. Like I said, I'm not entirely sure about that and the internet is being largely unhelpful tonight.

    Since you have already gotten DX updated according to your post, I doubt it is still a problem, but feel free to go here and see if you can get DX9 to install. It will likely tell you that a more recent version exists, but it is worth a shot. As for DEP, I'm afraid I can't help you till I get back to the office on Wednesday and have a Vista machine in front of me.
  • ive downloaded the updater several times then i restart and sometimes when i try the game , after this the game starts but after i quit the game it wont start again.Or any of the other 5 episodes either. This worked twice i not sure why but only to play one of the episodes once then none of them work. again
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