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Why the hell wouldn't you let Clementine shoot ****?

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Letting her live with the thought that Lee turned into a walker because she didn't do anything is by far more disturbing than letting her kill him.
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  • I had Clem shoot her to give her the closure that Lee would never turn in to what her parents did and to teach her one last lesson in showing compassion and mercy for someone who doesn't want to turn in to a mindless monster.

    I don't know about Lee, but being a beast with no emotions or regard to who they're hurting is my second worst fear.
  • My Lee wasnt handcuffed so he was still a threat. But mostly, if I couldnt let Duck become a walker, I wasnt going to let Lee become one.
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    In my game Lee was handcuffed, and I didn't want to put Clementine through the trauma of shooting someone she loved. Not asking her to shoot him was the last sacrifice Lee could make for her.
  • Rock114;731349 said:
    Personally, I had her shoot Lee because I reasoned that Lee didn't want to become a walker any more than Clem wanted him to. Plus, I think that if I had the chance to put my father/guardian out of their misery before they turned, but I left them there to reanimate, I'd hate myself for not having the strength to make sure they didn't become a monster. Plus, Clem will never have to imagine Lee as a walker because she knows that she put him out of his misery,
    Good post.

    I have the feeling people are being way too protective of her, which is sweet, but not realistic anymore. Clementine has seen some gruesome stuff already and this is simply something that's part of this world now. She is going to be miserable in a couple of months when she fully realizes what has become of Lee.

    And hey, how can we be sure that humans are not aware of themselves anymore when they turn into zombies? Maybe you're just trapped inside the body and don't have control over it anymore.

    Just look at Carl from the series, he put his mother out of her misery. Yes, she was dead already, but it's the same principle.
  • Am I the only one who got her to handcuff the zombie??? My lee was just chilling, quite the threat to leave behind, that's one reason. And also it was a good final lesson and completion of the circle, sometimes you are going to have to put people out of there misery, loved ones who ever, you have to be ready for that.
  • *shrugs* I don't mind being a zombie. Besides, I'd hate to think that Clem would die because she had wasted a bullet on me.
  • i got her to shoot me (i was never going to let zombie lee hurt Clementine or anybody else) also i wasn't restrained (a zombie hand was) so i couldn't know if Clementine would escape before i turned
  • First playthrough I got Clem to shoot me. From a story standpoint it was the most dramatic option and thats how I wanted my story to end.

    However on my second playthrough I chose not to let Clem kill me and seeing Lee just slumping against the radiator and dying actually upset me more.

    Great Game!
  • I made her shoot me (actually I wanted Lee to do it, but the game wouldn't let me).
    She understood what needed to be done and why. It is a harsh lesson, but hey, It's a zombie apocalypse.
    They were both able to say their goodbyes and she knows he is at piece now.

    I know that my 9 year old would do the same thing.
  • short_stack;731290 said:
    i had her shoot me, it makes her a stronger person.
    Exactly. Sooner or later (hopefully later) She will probably have to make this decision again unfortunately. So she needed to do it now so she will have a slightly less harder time doing it later.
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