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Why the hell wouldn't you let Clementine shoot ****?

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Letting her live with the thought that Lee turned into a walker because she didn't do anything is by far more disturbing than letting her kill him.
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  • After seeing how Clementine handled herself with the kidnapper and the zombie guard, I felt like she was quite capable of taking care of things. She is already smart and tough; she proved that by taking care of herself before we found her. She knew that she needed to shoot Lee if he was a threat, so he didn't need to teach her anything there. He was handcuffed, so he couldn't hurt anyone, which she also understood. As far as I knew, she was going to go out that door to hunt for Omid and Christa, and that one bullet she wasted on me could have made the difference in HER living or dying. So I'd rather she saw Lee just die, and not have to live with putting him down. Lee isn't suffering; the dead don't suffer. But maybe if he's lucky, Molly will come and pay him a visit with Hilda, and he won't just sit and rot.
  • It seems that most people used the cuffs on themselves... Then I can understand the "I wasn't able to harm her" speech.
    But I made her use it on the officer, so I could have starten eating her in a few minutes if something went wrong.. :(
  • I let her shoot me. She's already seen her parents as zombies, I think she can handle it.

    Besides, all that "it brings the dead on her, the noise, she might need it" stuff is nonsense. Lol, you think your choices matter. She makes it out alive anyway, regardless of the choice. It's not like letting her shoot you would be a fatal decision because God forbid TTG have to write in a sequence where your choices have lasting consequences.
  • My plan from the onset was to find Clem and make her safe at all costs, then promptly eat a bullet before the infection overcame me and I turned. That's what I wanted for myself, but in those final moments, seeing that I had one last opportunity to stack the odds of survival in her favour even as slightly as saving one extra bullet, teaching her one last lesson, I did it. I am zombie-Lee and I have no regrets.
  • I used the cuffs on the zombie, because doing that seemed like it would make getting closer to him easier, didn't realise his arm would just come off that easily though X) Also if for some reason we go through the store in season 2, I don't want to see a zombie Lee.
  • I let her shoot Lee to make her stronger,to show her that sometimes these things need to be done.
  • I had her shoot Lee because it fits with the other dialogue choices I picked. I picked words that focused on teaching her how strong and fast she is and how she can survive on her own now. Then I made Lee tell her he would miss her. Having her shoot Lee was a final lesson I wanted Lee to teach Clem. That she will HAVE to eventually put down the people she care about and she had to be strong enough to do it. She would possibly be on her own for a while and there was no room for coddling her anymore. So that was my reasons for having Clem shoot Lee.
  • DreadMagus wrote: »

    I felt it was a lesson she NEEDED to learn to survive.

    I was about to say the same. There will be a point in her life -if she doesn't die before- where she WILL have to kill somebody she is/was emotionally attached to. It's something she had to go through... anyway, about the noise, she was covered in walker guts; she already could drag Lee to a "safe" spot, why wouldn't she be able to walk thru the horde?

    Edit: Okay what the fuck is wrong with me posting stuff that has already been posted ._.
    Edit 2: Like, really, I should try reading some replies before posting myself lol. Anyway, what matters is that Clementine is still alive, right?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Chrizza wrote: »
    Letting her live with the thought that Lee turned into a walker because she didn't do anything is by far more disturbing than letting her kill him.

    Dead's dead.

    Would you rather have Clementine go outside and shoot her parents as well? :eek:
  • How about doing Lee the honor of not having to become one of those things?! The F-k is wrong with you people??

    Although, I didn't quite understand why he couldn't just shoot himself.
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