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Why the hell wouldn't you let Clementine shoot ****?

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Letting her live with the thought that Lee turned into a walker because she didn't do anything is by far more disturbing than letting her kill him.
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  • Hazevamp;734715 said:
    Clem is going to have a hard life ahead of her. If she can shoot the man who took care of her she can put a bullet in any SOB.
    If she were Ben's age maybe I'd agree with you. But while she's just old enough to comprehend the awfulness of her existence, she's nowhere near emotionally ready to be strengthened by it. It will only sap her hopes of ever being happy.

    No duh she's going to face a lot of horrible things in that world. It's nothing short of a living Hell. Considering the pace at which nightmarish events happen there she'll be lucky to survive the next 24 hours, let alone the next week.

    But piling on more horror and despair will not make her stronger, it will only put additional stress on her spirit. And when there's too much of that what you get is suicide.

    Showing her kindness, reminding her that there is good in the world and things like selflessness and love will bolster her spirit and make her determined to fight on.
  • Yeah, it's much better to think of your loved one as a stinking, rotting cannibal that's terrorizing people.

    By shooting him in the head, Clementine was not killing Lee. He was already dead. After everything they had been through, she's old enough to understand that. She's nine; not five.

    No one said it was supposed to be easy, but it's the right thing to do.
  • Clem needs every single Bullet

    She can't waste one on me
  • ManMan;734880 said:

    No one said it was supposed to be easy, but it's the right thing to do.
    Y'know, even though I seriously disagree with you, I'm glad you're thinking of her rather than Lee's pride or something.
  • ManMan;733608 said:
    Although, I didn't quite understand why he couldn't just shoot himself.
    He can't because

    A. one armed and cuffed to the radiator, or

    B. He has no strength left.

    When you give Clementine the baseball bat to kill the walker with, Lee is barely able to grab it and slide(or kick) it over to her. After doing that he probably couldn't move his arms at all anymore.
  • I told her what we were doing to Duck; she said she understood it then, if I recall. I figure she understood it now.

    Add in talking about mercy with Irene and the woman in episode 3, mercy seemed like a big theme we'd been hitting Clem/Lee with.
  • I told her not to shoot my Lee, as for her to save the bullet. She needs to go out and survive her way out of Savannah, and that extra bullet being used on a walker attacking her as opposed to Lee could very well help.
  • Maybe I'm alone here, but I never even THOUGHT of using the handcuffs on LEE. I had Clem use the handcuffs on the policeman zombie so that it would be easier to get the gun and keys. Get his hands pinned on the other side.

    He just busted out of them when she went for the gun, by the way.

    So, not shooting Lee was kind of not an option, and when I got to the forums I could hardly believe that other people didn't! Is there youtube video anywhere of Lee turning? I'd like to see that!
  • [QUOTE=]Is there youtube video anywhere of Lee turning? I'd like to see that![/QUOTE]

    Lee dies and the game ends. You don't see him turn.
  • Ok here is my thing, and I made an account just to say this. I think that the game should not have let you decide, but let Clem decide on her own after all of the decisions you make in game. My reasoning being that if she really was paying attention to your choices, she would do what you would've wanted her to in the first place. And to be honest Lee is in no position to make decisions. If you played to where you didnt wanna turn, she woulda known that. If you played and raised her sheltered from the world 1 she will die before the next game comes out cause she is by herself either way, and 2 she would've been too chicken to put you out of your misery. Thinking about that as you are running from zombies might distract you.

    I played to make Clementine be able to survive the zombie apocalypse world and to deal with things as they come in a mature way. I never lied to her, not even about her parents, or going to look for them. From the beginning I made it clear hope for them was bleak. I also taught her how shoot, told her everything she needed to know to survive. So what if I didnt stop her from eating the human meat in time, she pooped it out by episode 4. I know that the Clementine I was running around with would not want me to have to be a zombie just like the girl in the motel. And she would've known that I myself would not want to be one of those things. (also like the girl from the motel)

    It would've been cool to see the little girl stand up for what she now believes in because of the Lee Everett you decided you wanted to be while you were looking after this girl, and her blank slate of a mind.

    O well, great game make a sequel where Clem finds a katana and finds Michonne.
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