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Saves Lost

posted by shmallow on - Viewed by 178 users
So, after reformatting my HDD, I really didn't feel like redoing all my work to getting back to episode 3. Finally, I decided to. Took me all day to finish episode 2, so I go to start up episode 3 and it crashes. I relaunch, and what do you know, my save is gone.

Seriously Telltale, how has this not been fixed yet? Or at the very least, instead of asking me "hey, do you want your saves generated randomly?" just implement a way to create the choices you've previously made.

Ok, rant done, now has anyone found a fix for this? I've been searching like a madman, but I haven't found any fixes for the exact problem I have. I'm running on Windows 8, if that makes a difference. Also, my prefs.prop is only 7kb. Is this file normally that small, or has it been overwritten as a blank slate?

EDIT: Another thing, when attempting to get my saves back, I did try to restart episode three and it started like normal. I'm not sure why it crashed the first time, but it isn't now.
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