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  • Doctanian wrote: »
    None of you guys must be black, lol.

    I knew Clem was black, even before looking at her parents' picture in a second playthrough. Her dad's black and her mom may be either very light skinned or just biracial.

    The dead giveaway despite all that was her hair. It's clearly afro-textured. And it's absolutely beautiful, I must say. I wish more black girls would have their hair this way.

    im black and she looks asian to me

    christa is supposed to be black as well but she looks indian.
  • Omid and Chirsta look like they're from middle east. And yeah I think Clem half asian half african. Asian side is more dominant though.
  • She's more or less the whitest African-American I've ever seen.

    even beats lionel richie
  • Doctanian wrote: »
    Her mom may be mixed with Asian and black. Some of her features (hair and her lips) ring African American to me. Her skin does says she's mixed through.

    So yeah, Clem's black. One drop rule, lol. And by the looks of it, she has a lot more than one drop.

    i think her mom is thai or filipino..has to be, clem as asian eyes.
  • I understand thinking Clem doesn't look that black but to say her mom looks filipino I just can't see it at all. Look at her hair.
  • not a lot of black people ITT lol

    her mom was light skinned(probably mixed), and so was clem. I've seen plenty of black people with the same appearance( some of my relatives have the same skin tone as well).

    as someone else said, the hair was a dead give away.
  • Folks when people of light skin mix they can create a light child. Examples Will Smith jada pinkett look at there kids or Vanessa williams and Rick fox. It happens sometimes but at end of the day its all about who DNA is the strongest or even sometimes if family members from the past effect how your kid looks they may be dark skin with light eyes or light skin with dark eyes.

    Either way Clem is beautiful creation :)
  • I don't really want to be the one to say does it matter, but....

    Does it?
    Either way Clem is beautiful creation

    My thoughts exactly. She's just a little cutie one way or the other.
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