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Two figures on the hill at the last scene after the credits??

posted by OliChichesterUni on - last edited - Viewed by 242 users
I initially thought that the two people on the hill were Shane and Rick but I'm not too sure, any thoughts?

It looked like the last scene of episode 12- 'Better Angels'.
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  • the tall one is hunched like ben, and the shorter one could be kenny, but they are most likely omid and christa. i personally think we will never find out and that season 2 will have a complete new story with maybe guest stars from season 1 like Lily and Glenn.
  • Guys - remember that the game is based on the comics.

    It could be Omid and Chirsta, it could be some random survivors, it could mean anything. But is certaintly not Rick and Shane, and not Ben or Kenny ( They both die in Savannah, maybe Kenny survived, but I'm not certain).

    For now, we can only assume.
  • Show is not the same universe at the comic and game. Rick and Shane were on that hill at night, and they were not in Savannah.
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