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What is the last thing you said to Clementine?

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I personally said "Don't be afraid." What about you?
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  • find Omid and Christa, keep that hair short, and ...I'll miss you,
    unfortunately "I'll miss you" is as good as it gets, both of them thought:
    "I love you" but it was the wrong moment since Clem just lost her parents,
    or better say she just found out.
  • "You're strong Clem" "You have to shoot me" "Find Omid and Christa" "Keep that hair short" "I'll miss you"
  • "Leave me"
    "Shoot will change you"
    "Find Omid and Christa, thay taking care about you"
    "Stay away from cityes"
    "I'll miss you"
  • ''Don't trust anyone''
    ''Stay away from cities''
    ''I'll miss you''
  • For me it's as follows

    Don't get trapped (upon in the jewelry store. Replayed level for her to remember that).
    Find Omid and Christa (I gave the both of them my blessing to take care of her. I believe those two would do just fine)
    Stay away from the cities (Agreed they're just not worth the risk. Plus, large areas with population = walker central)

    And finally...

    Saying I'll miss you, seems it would hurt more than any physical wound so I chose one more truthful for her in this world

    Don't be afraid

    I also asked her to shoot me, for I don't want Clem to remember Lee as a walker, but a human right up til the end.

    Proud of the final words I've chosen.
  • I told her to find Omid and Christa which seems to be the most common thing people picked, I told her to keep her hair short, told that I will miss you and then told her to shoot me, that one part is saddest scene in video game history as far as anyone is concerned.
  • "Keep that hair short" I wanted her to be safe so walkers couldn't grab her so easily like Andy St. John god I got really mad when he did that *sigh* memories. " I'll miss you" I wanted her to know how much I cared and I wish that I love you was an option but I think it wasn't the right time. And when Clem replied by saying "Me too" I replied in real life by saying "I'm going to miss Lee too Clem"
  • "You'll be okay"

    It looks like i am in a very very small minority not have said "I'll miss you", I thought it was important to comfort her and let her know i had faith in her to make it out there without me/Lee. To try and give her some strength, especially given that i had just told her she needed to shoot me.
  • You are the first person I know that said you'll be okay not that it's a problem.
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