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Sam & Max ep1 stopped

posted by samerk on - last edited - Viewed by 324 users
Hi, I bought Sam & Max season 1 & 2 before two days, after I installed episode 1 (culture shock) it worked and I was able to play the game, then next day it stopped and started asking me to activate. I re-downloaded the game, uninstall and install several times but no hope.
I already sent you emails for my problem, but I received no reply so far.
So, could you please help me to activate the game.
Please note that I use windows vista ultimate

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  • Vista is the problem, the game deactivates whenever you reboot. (Culture Shock is the only Sam & Max game that has this problem; the other episodes are fine.)

    Will sent a response to your email today at noon, with instructions for downloading the Vista version (it was about four hours after you wrote to us). Could you please check your spam folder to see if it got caught in there? (FYI, he's also sent you one or two other emails in the past few days, so if you've never received a response from us, there's definitely something going on...)

    I'll also send you a PM with the download instructions.
  • Hi Emily, thanks for reply, I received only this forum PM, but I didnt received any thing to my personal email, I already stopped spam filter of my emal.
    I'm downloading now the vista update... I'll inform you soon about the result
  • Thanks it work fine now
  • Glad it's working now. Sorry the other emails didn't reach you. Maybe we're on your blocked sender's list or it's being blocked by the mail server before it even gets to your account.
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