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Cannot Activate - Order Not Recognized

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I email y'all yesterday afternoon your time but I never heard back and I have not received any we got your email thanks for contacting us auto replies so I wanted to try here. I purchased the complete season one package last night hoping to while away the hours playing. Unfortunately that was not to be the case. At first my downloads would not work it did not recognize my order. (Not really a good idea mussing with the order system in the busiest season of the year, eh!) Then I found the alternate downloads here on the forums. After fighting with Vista and winning I got all the episodes running on Vista yeah me. (Although according to the forums I need a new episode 1 executable for Vista...send that as well.) But alas I could not activate any games with my order number and password.

This morning I checked my bank account the order has cleared. I get out of work at Noon (est) and I wanna play!!!! Here is all my requisite info please fix this as efficiently as you billed me.

Email: [email][/email]
Order No.: 6303536700

My Hardware Fingerprints for each episode:

E1:1 - 488C-6A7D
E1:2 - 2B2A-CF91
E1:3 - 2B2A-CF91
E1:4 - 2B2A-CF91
E1:5 - 2B2A-CF91
E1:6 - 2B2A-CF91

Please contact me ASAP.


Jeff Waskiewicz
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  • I think you should probably remove your order number and stuff... and your e-mail address. The Telltale team can find this out from your account.
  • LOL, if someone else can use my order number to activate it when I can't more power to them I just ask that they share the revelation. And I already get enough spam to choke a donkey so I care little about that. And No one is guessing my password so...
  • Hi Jeff,

    We did email you last night with activation info, and I just resent the emails from two different accounts. If they're not in your spam folder then I don't know where they're going.

    Please check again, and if you still haven't received the emails, let me know and I can send you the info in a PM.
  • Thanks I got the yahoo mail but the others are no where to be found. I'll try this when i get home and let you know.
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