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What did Campman tell you?

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"You stole from the car."

"You killed a man with a pitchfork right in front of a little girl!"
(You killed Danny)
"You left a girl that new about your past to die!"
(You chose to save Doug)

Something like that. It's all I can remember.
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  • On my first save, he pointed out that I brought Clem to the dairy, left Lilly on the side of the road, and brought Clem to Crawford. I'll update this post when I play through my other saves.
  • "You killed a man with a pitchfork right in front of a little girl!"
    "You let a boy get pulled into the night so you could save a pretty girl with a gun!"
    "You brought her to the most dangerous place in this city where she could have died!"
  • Well, radio guy asked me why I brought Clem to the St. John dairy. And then he asked why I left Lilly out in the road, and why I brought Clem to Crawford.
  • He complained about me bringing Clem to the St. John Dairy and saving "a pretty girl with a gun" over Doug. An unloaded gun, you jackass.

    I'm actually kind of surprised Lee didn't know about Clem's birthday; a lot has been going on recently, but the last three chapters have only covered a few days, if I'm figuring right. Wouldn't they still have been back at the motel six days ago? It's weird she didn't mention it to people.
  • Rock114;732229 said:
    He called me on killing Danny and leaving Lilly. He had no idea why my Lee did the things he did, and I stuck by my choices. I'd challenge him to do better in Lee's place.
  • Chris-Sabian;732324 said:
    I thought that too but since Clementine’s parents are seen right outside at the end, and since they were at the hotel before the outbreak, I figured the zombies had been there the whole time.

    Also, He may have stalked the group since the beginning, since his car is seen at the hotel, so he must have stayed in the woods by the dairy and he possibly came in contact with the retarded brothers at the dairy.
    I just laughed out loud. :guybrush:
  • On my first play through, he told me exactly about all the choices I made. Interesting thing bit; when I copied my file to see what else he can say otherwise he ended up saying that I let Clementine eat human meat, which I never did. But in my main file he told me what he was supposed to tell me. Weird glitch, or something, but it didn't ruin the experience for me. Though, I do think there was something wrong with him mentally. I find it suspicious he never goes into detail about his son, and not explain what happened to him.

    I find Campman to be the perfect antagonist for Lee, as he was probably considered a "good" guy before the apocalypse, while he just wasn't suited for a harsher world and was driven mad. Lee on the other hand had gone mad (accidentally killing someone) in the normal world, but was able to find redemption in this very same world that twisted the stranger. I believe that he couldn't stand to see that Lee had actually kept Clementine safe, despite all these horrible things happening.

    It's all a little open to interpretation but this is all conjecture from my end, but at the end of the day, I consider the villain the most important part of the game narratively speaking as it forces you to wonder about your choices, and the consequences of those choices. It all comes down to how it was about Clementine and her relationship to Lee the entire time.
  • You took her to a farm full of sick people! (he says that if you don't let Clem eat Markloaf)
    You let a boy get yanked out of a window to save a pretty girl with a gun!

    I think that's about it.
  • He said he would "hurt me". My only arm said fuck you and strangled him.
  • "You stole from my camper
    You let a woman who knew who you are die to protect your secret(He means Carley, because I saved Doug)
    That sweatshirt clementine's wearing is my boy's!"

    Angry campman.
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