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WHAT was in the bag?????

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feel like the only one who didn't understand/notice ????????

hmmm anyone answer me i looked through last 3 pages for a thread

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  • He found his wife as he said to you, but he went crazy and got depressed over her death, so he chopped her head off when she was a walker, and keept it.
  • I wonder why he chopped his wife's head off but didn't bother with their daughter.
  • We didn't get to know how they died, so his wife could have killed her daughter before she turned, or maybe he wanted to make his wife like him again, by getting a new daughter. Crazy man.
  • His wife's head. You can look in it.
  • plaqueconspiracy;732619 said:
    I wonder why he chopped his wife's head off but didn't bother with their daughter.
    Didn't fit in the bag. ;)
  • And here I thought that severing a walker's spinal column would terminate 'em just as well as smashing their skull.

    Shows what I know; when Lee looked in the bag, wifey was still snarling away in there....not exactly what ya could call a Walker I guess but pretty active, for a head.
  • Maybe the daughter was in the one room Clem doesn't want you to enter?
  • Have you never seen "Se7en"?
    If you click on the bag it shows you what was in it.
  • Is it just me that think his wife was the one that gets killed in Episode 2?
    After her son was missing she took her daugther into the woods away from the father.
    Sometime later the bandits took her daughter away and probably rapped her. Never seen again.
    The mother went crazy over her daughter's probable death and thought Clementine was hers.
    In Episode 2 she gets killed and the Stranger finds her and cut her head off.

    There is still somethings left unanswered like his son's disappearence. Is he still alive?
    It would be a nice twist if Clem found him in Season 2 and for some reason she discovers who he is and tell him his father is dead.
  • The Giants winning the superbowl, thats whats in the bag!

    #70s show
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