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If you wrote Season 2...

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What would you do? Who will be the new protagonist, what will be the location etc. Here is my humble idea.

I can't think of a good protagonist yet, since it all depends on the VO.
So whoever you are, you will start in Crawford. Yes Crawford. Not ZA day 1 but something simply to create an origin story for the character(Maybe a small backstory reference with a member of your new group and the ladder at the hospital, hence the blood and spilled paint). We get to meet C. Oberson(possible antagonist for the first episode), Anna Correa, Molly, her sister and even Clem's parents could make a cameo in this. After the fall of Crawford you go into the walker infested world with little to no killing experience(but you know that everyone is infected) and then you meet up with Clem, Christa and Omid. Then TTG could make a new interesting story. I unfortunately am not into writing that much. Only if I am in the mood.
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  • That is why Molly would be a great protector for someone like Clem.
  • Name: Ryan Caul
    Age: 31
    Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

    Story: Ryan was on his way back home to his sister Lilly and dad Larry in Macon, Georgia. The plane he's on lurches and begins to drop and everyone on it begins to panic as it descends to the ground. He wakes up and finds himself in the back seat of the plane, alive. There's blood everywhere, and the plane is half-sunk in the beach of New Orleans. He begins to get out of his seat when he hears a noise. He looks back and sees a 1 year-old wake up, alive...or not. It's eyes are glazed, and it's left side is somewhat...gone. It starts hissing at Ryan, who begins to back away as the rest of the passengers start to "wake up". Luckily they're all wearing seatbelts and can,t move. He gets out of the back of the plane and jumps down to the beach.
  • i have this weird feeling that the Clementine story is over and that Season 2 will have a complete new cast and story and that we will never know what happened to Clementine.
  • Oh god no, I will hate seeing "Omfg so hot" "Hope we can see her naked" "She gotz a niec azszss omfg lolol" comments.

    You and me both. Everytime I see threads about Molly or Carley and how hot they are. I cringe. People on this forum needs to get laid badly. My god.
  • i think the crawford idea is the best season 2 idea i have heard so far. i would like to see what it was before it went to shit, i would like to see oberson as a character and i would like to see it all crumble before a daring escape and flee the city. maby you could start the season by arriving at crawford as a whole new group or maby even build it up from the ground the, possibilities are huge.
  • I kinda feel like the new protagonist should be a guy/girl with a dog companion.
  • ^^^^ So zombie fable 2 ?
  • ^^^^ So zombie fable 2 ?

    zombie fallout
  • If I wrote it? I'd bring back Molly, kill off Omid and Christa.

    I'd also give the player choices that mattered. Making it so you picked exactly who lived and died. I'd have you be able to side with 2 different groups of people and veer off the storyline in 2 separate paths from the very start and continue that theme throughout the episodes so there'd be tons of alternative endings.
  • posted this on another thread:
    Main: Donald Martinez (Hispanic)
    Setting: about the time ricks group reaches the prison

    We should play as a bandit Name Donald he became this cold hearted bastard after his entire family was eaten by zombies while escaping Atlanta. After he escapes he meats up with this guy who takes him to a group. Donald and the rest of the group then become like barbarians sacking other camps raiding and killing the men raping the woman and then trading them and children for other supplies they need.(i say this because it needs a way darker tones since the game is so happy compared to the comics.) but we take control of Donald in about the time rick and his group arrive at the prison. Donald and his group raid another camp. However he sees a child escaping he chases after it. He catches up and talks to the child bonding with her. He decides this girls different he decides to protect her since he reminds him if his sister that had died in atlanta. Taking her with him he decides to split from his group and keep this girl safe.(With this setting TT may be able to explore what happened to the woodbury survivors. Kirkman did say the were dead to him. We could also revisit characters that we seen before like glenn,hershal since they are not with rick at this time.)
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