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Walking Dead either freezes, no license, or can't download 2-5

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So I'm just getting completely frustrated at this point. I bought The Walking Dead from Telltale's website when it came out and when I've gone to go play through Episodes 2-5 within the last month I have had nothing but problems.

First the game would freeze at the title screen. I changed compatibility and fixed it. Then I almost lost my saves until I used the Sizemore fix which helped me get my Episode 2 saves back, but now that I've gone to finish out Episodes 3-5 I have had issues left and right.

First it was telling me I didn't have a license, so I uninstalled it, rebooted, reinstalled it and that fixed it, but then I couldn't download Episodes 2-5 only telling me "Coming Soon" so I move some stuff around with the preps.prop file and was able to download it, but couldn't continue my save game. So I get it to where my saves work but then it tells me Episodes 2-5 are "Coming Soon" again.

Can someone please just tell me how I can play Episodes 3-5 without having to play through Episodes 1 & 2 again? Because right now that's my only option.

TL;DR: Infinite loop of either my saves not being there, my license not existing, or the "Coming Soon" issue. Help.

UPDATE: So immediately after writing this I started it up again and all of a sudden my saves are there and it lets me download the episodes. I have no idea why it works now it just does.
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  • Welp! Scratch that! When I get it to a point where I can actually play the game it decided that my decisions weren't good enough and changed them! I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE JUMPING THROUGH SO MANY HOOPS TO PLAY A GAME THAT I BOUGHT.
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