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Ben or Kenny?

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What if in Episode 5, if you saved Ben, you would get to the point where there's a hole in the roof, and the walkie talkie drops down. Kenny tells Ben to go get it, who quickly disagrees. Kenny pushes Ben in as Ben grabs a hold of Kenny's T-shirt. The two start fighting in the house, when they all hear walkers. A group of them starts swarming towards them, and Lee has to make a quick decision. Who's it gonna be?

I ask this because by the end of Episode 4, everybody had it with Ben and waned him to actually do something right, but many people hated Kenny since he was so antagonistic in Episode 4.
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  • I would choose Ben, but that's very out of character for both of them.

    I think it'd be better if it wasn't anyone's fault. Ben runs and saves Christa in some situation. Kenny and Ben both get grabbed by zombies and you can only save one of them.
  • I would have prefered some sort of Carley/Doug choice between Ben and Kenny if you had the kid and a drop/save if you didn't. Anyway, I wanted Ben to be Clem's new tutor. Or more likely that Clem watches over him :)
  • I would choose Kenny for sure. I mean, I love Ben. Especially after episode 5. But I love Kenny more. And he would definitely be more helpful in the search for Clementine.

    Most people would probably choose Ben, though. Or neither if they could. :P Because Kenny is redeemed after he sacrifices himself for Ben/Christa.
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