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The Walking Dead - Can't truly save the correct person in Ep. 1...?

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At the point in the first episode where you chose to either save Doug or Carley, I picked Carley (along with 76% of you apparently). So the animation of Doug being brutally devoured went on, I got punched in the face by some bald guy, rescued by my redneck buddy, got on the truck and went to the motel. It made sense when I saw Carley at the motel.

What didn't make sense, was when I started the second episode to see Carley die in the "previously..." scene, and see Doug up and kicking at the motel with Carley nowhere to be seen (dead, I presume)

My actions clearly mattered during episode 1, but does anything I do effect the other episodes as well? :(
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  • Save bug, from the sound of it.
  • Did you use the same save slot to play E2, or did you start a new one?
  • After I finished the first episode, the credits rolled by, and took me back to the title screen. I then hit play on that same save slot (although it still said episode 1...)

    I'll just try to restart and take the same actions and see if that works I guess
  • Look at your stats, if they don't match then 'rewind' to the last scene on Episode One. Re-choose Carley and go from there.
  • What's strange is the stats do match my actions, it's just when I go to the second episode it doesn't remember them. I have tried rewinding to the Carley part, but to know effect. I thought about just going with Doug, but I don't know if the rest of the game will be like this too. Still working on replaying the first episode.
  • Are you playing in Steam?

    In case you are (ignore if you're not) and using Windows 7:

    Go to: ProgramFiles(x86) > Steam > SteamApps > The Walking Dead > Pack > default

    COPY the file "prefs.prop" (do not move/erase it!)

    Go to: ProgramFiles(x86) > Steam > SteamApps > The Walking Dead > Pack > WalkingDead102

    PASTE "prefs.prop"

    When you boot up the game again and pick Episode 2, your previous choices should show up.

    When you finish Episode 2, you'll probably have to transfer WalkingDead102's "prefs.prop" to WalkingDead103
  • Ah! Suzuka you are a life saver. Worked perfectly, many thanks
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