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completely miffed!

posted by Omegawolf on - Viewed by 216 users
So i finished episode 4 ages ago, loved the entire story and was waiting for episode 5. I purchased episode 5 and i cant even boot the sodding episode, its keep reverting back to episode 1, so i thought annoying but hey ho, ill try again, and again and again........ and again! i ended up looking on the forum and seeing a few people managed to get round it but booting different episodes and then playing through them, so i tried that and completed episode 4 again to be booted back to episode 1 again.
i thought i'll try my lucky and rewind back on episode 4 and all i got was PLACEHOLDER images and then a softlock on a black screen.....

i know you guys are probably trying hard to fix it but i think the community would have preferred to have waiting a bit longer then for this to have happened.

please fix this, also could you tell me and the community when you will be subbing the fix because this has been a complete waste of my money(because its not ready) and time
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